Credit card payment should be made before its due date or the bank may charge a penalty and interest on the due amount.

Worried about credit card debt

Credit card bill payment

Due to the usage of credit cards, the spending power of people has increased. As it allows people to buy first and then pay, people often tend to overspend on their card and even skip their credit card bill payment or make the minimum payment. Due to this, they get themselves trapped in credit card debt. Credit card companies charge heavy interest rates if you fail to make the payment. The best advice is to make payments on time.

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4 strategies to get rid of credit card debt   

  1. Balance transfer: It is a type of refinance facility where a person pays the outstanding amount of one credit card from another credit card which has a lower rate of interest. This would give the person additional time to make the credit card payment and the rate of interest on the amount would also be less.
  2. Pay the credit card bill with a smaller balance: Make the credit card payment of the card that has the smallest amount. It depends on the bills amassed by you and on which card. Sometimes, the lowest bill is with the card that contains the highest balance. In that case, you would clear off two important bills.
  3. Convert into EMIs: Cardholders are given the facility of converting their dues into EMIs. The repayment capacity of the person would be taken into consideration while converting the due into EMIs. You can pay your credit card debt with easy monthly instalments that would be easy on your pocket. You can also convert the total credit card bill into EMIs. Read this article to find out if availing a short term loan or using credit card, which is a better option?
  4. Taking a loan to pay off credit card bill: If the credit card bill is too much to be paid or even converted into EMIs then you can take a personal loan to pay off credit card bill. In this way, you can make the credit card bill payment and pay the loan EMIs easily.


Credit cards help us with our purchases and financial problems. A credit card is a solution but only if it is used smartly, otherwise it could be another problem for you to face. Credit card bill payment should be made before the due date or the companies would charge a huge amount of interest on the due amount. Even the minimum payment should be made to avoid huge interest. However, if facing a credit card debt problem, you can still make payments in many ways. Here's a detailed article on how to come out of credit card debt.