This Mother’s Day, let’s take a look at the daily lives of working moms during the lockdown – it will make us appreciate them better as we see them in a new light.

Working moms: A day in the life of these unsung heroes during the pandemic

A mother, and everything she does for her children, should be celebrated every single day to acknowledge the sheer love, effort, and patience she puts in. If not every day, we have one day in a year – the second Sunday of May – when we celebrate Mother’s Day. This year, however, the appreciation and gratitude for mothers deserve to be amped up significantly in view of the coronavirus lockdown. 

The global pandemic has made life difficult for everyone across the globe, with each of us facing unique challenges and struggles. However, it’s the mothers who now have to juggle many more things than they were already doing. Being a working mom and having to work from home during the lockdown isn't easy.

Let's see what a typical day looks like in the life of a working mom who's stuck at home – and all the things she has to do. 

Cooking healthy and delicious meals

Moms are up before anyone in the family to cook breakfast so that when their kids wake up hungry, they can dive straight into the food. They not only have to make sure that they cook food keeping in mind everyone’s likes and dislikes but also be extra cautious about the daily diet of the family. After all, focusing on nutrition is very important during a pandemic. 

With everyone staying at home all day and not being able to order food, the number of meals that moms have to cook is also more than what would usually be required. Those who have younger kids need to put in extra effort to make their favourite fast food and other snacks at home, so they don’t crave or miss their treats too much. 

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Meeting work deadlines and attending calls

The thing about work calls and meetings is that while sometimes they are scheduled, a lot of the times they are spontaneous. Finding the right place, without disturbances, and having the physical and mental space to attend these virtual meetings during a chaotic day at home can be quite a task. 

Mothers who have younger kids and toddlers obviously can’t shut their kids away. When young kids see mom at home, they naturally keep reaching out to her and don’t understand the concept of professionalism at work. It can be harder to concentrate; and meeting work deadlines can prove to be even more stressful when working from home.

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Looking after the children’s studies 

A lot of schools have transitioned to online teaching with virtual classes. So, while schools remain shut, homework and assignments haven’t stopped. Moms have to make sure that their kids are attending the classes, submitting their assignments on time, and not falling behind on their studies. 

With the lockdown, tuition and coaching classes are no longer accessible. So, moms also have to dedicate extra time to help kids understand concepts and solve problems that they may face in various subjects. Summers also mean summer projects, so that’s another thing moms have to deal with. 

Keeping the kids occupied

Summer is that time of the year every child waits for. Long hours playing with friends, endless scoops of ice cream, trips with family – in short, a lot of fun. However, with the coronavirus pandemic, staying indoors all day every day can seem a nightmare for kids. And so, mothers have to ensure that their children stay entertained without spending too much time in front of the screen. 

In addition to entertainment, mothers also have to take note of their kids’ mental and emotional well-being during the lockdown. Especially when it comes to older kids (teenagers) who are easily bored, moms need to ensure that they aren’t feeling anxious or hopeless about their life and the future. 

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Doing home chores alone

Cooking is one task; cleaning is a whole other thing. Washing dishes, doing the laundry, sweeping and mopping, etc. are some tedious and time-consuming tasks that moms have to do daily. While their partner and kids may help a bit, the majority of the workload falls on mothers. 

Handling their work and their children while doing all the home chores without a house help is one of the worst nightmares a mom can have. Alas, this scenario has come true all over the country during the lockdown. The worrying part is that there’s no certainty about when all this will end. 

Managing life during  the pandemic 

Adjusting to life during a pandemic is one of the toughest things to do for anyone – but more so for a mother since she has to take care of the entire family. From stocking up on groceries and essentials to cleaning the home on a regular basis, moms now have a number of tasks added to their to-do lists. 

Moreover, moms also have to stay updated with the coronavirus news and constantly figure out the next right move for their children and other family members. Dealing with their own personal anxieties, stress, and emotions amidst all this can’t be easy. 

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Making the right financial moves

An economic slowdown was already in the works before the pandemic struck, and now a global economic recession is expected. Moms have to ensure that they make the right money moves during the pandemic – whether it’s increasing their emergency fund or not panic-selling their investments. 

What’s more, pay cuts and layoffs are a scary reality for countries across the globe, and mothers have to tread carefully as they attempt to do their best. Important things to take care of include making changes in their budgets, reducing discretionary expenses, paying bills and EMIs on time, etc.

Last words

The life of a working mom was never easy, and the pandemic definitely hasn’t helped. So, it’s essential for all moms to take some time to rest and relax, especially in these crazy and chaotic times. Mother’s Day, which falls on May 10th, provides the perfect opportunity for this.

Here’s a shout-out to all the moms out there: Encourage your children to make you breakfast in bed – even if it’s only bread and butter – and take a much-deserved day off! The best mom or the best employee? Why not both?