Women are more productive in general because they are forced to be in a position where they have to juggle home, work, and social obligations constantly in a way that men will never know.

Women vs men: Who’s more productive at work and how to increase your productivity?

Remember the constant competition between boys and girls back in school? Who came first in the race, who won the science quiz, who topped the class exams... it was as if one girl’s victory made all girls proud, and it was the same for the boys. 

Now, as grown-ups, have you ever wondered who’s winning at the workplace? Productivity platform Hive conducted a study and published the findings in a that revealed some interesting insights. It explored the working habits, experiences, and results of the two sexes. 

So who’s more productive at work?

You guessed it; it’s women! As per the Hive report, women work harder than men. What’s interesting is that while women and men are both able to finish 66% of the work assigned to them, women are assigned more work than men – about 10% more! 

So, while the completion rate may be the same, women work significantly more than men on average to achieve that completion rate. They not only work longer and harder but are also better at making the best use of their time and resources. That’s definitely a reason to pat yourself on the back. 

Another finding in the report proved less satisfying. The extra work women are given at the workplace is stuff that men don’t want to do. It is non-promotable tasks that, while beneficial to the organisation and necessary for its functioning, does not contribute to women’s career advancement in any way. 

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How to navigate the minefield

On a personal level, it all boils down to being assertive and strategic. If you do your work well and are proactive, you should also be able to request that you be assigned the kind of projects that you know will help you grow and benefit from. 

You should also remember that while being likeable at work is nice, you don’t need to be agreeable at the cost of your own career advancement. It’s better that people see you as someone who gets the job done – and done well – rather than someone who’s liked by all. 

How to improve productivity at work

With the increasing amount of work assigned to you, and with obligations in both work and personal life, you may find it difficult to be as productive as you would like to be. Here are some tips you can try to change that:

1. Stop trying to multitask

In today’s hustle culture, multitasking is glorified. But what many don’t know is that multitasking is actually a myth. In truth, your brain can’t perform two cognitive tasks at the same time. So, when you ‘multitask’, what you’re really doing is switching between two tasks constantly. This only serves to reduce your efficiency and productivity. 

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2. Take 10 minutes to plan your day

Whether it’s at home before you leave for work or the first thing you do when you reach office, take a few minutes to plan your workday. Make a to-do list of important things. This helps you get a sense of what you need to do and prioritise accordingly. It helps you feel more in control and gives you a sense of direction.

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3. Take a dedicated lunch break

It may be tempting to eat at your desk when you have a lot of work but don’t do that. It’s important for you to step away from your laptop and enjoy your meal. This will help you feel refreshed and resume work in a more productive manner. The number of hours spent at one’s desk has nothing to do with productivity; it all boils down to efficiency and focus during those hours. 

4. Say ‘no’ more often 

Saying no can be uncomfortable, but it’s critical to setting boundaries and making the best of your time and energy. Whether it’s saying no to a teammate who’s trying to pass on their work to you, or turning down an opportunity to work on a new project when your plate is already full, you have to get better at saying no. It’s not doing more that effective people vouch for, but doing less in a more efficient manner. 

You can apply these productivity tips to your personal life as well. After all, who doesn’t wish they could get more done on the weekend? Read why women should say ‘no’ more often and how to do it gracefully.