Significance of gold jewelry in Indian tradition

gold jewelry in Indian tradition

For some people, jewelry is a form of self-expression, while for some other people, it is something that holds traditional and cultural value. It is a well-known fact that jewelry, especially gold jewelry has a special place in Indian hearts. The hype for gold jewelry has always been present in the people of India. The craze might have gone down, but the love for gold jewelry remains the same. The tradition and practice of adorning various gold jewelry date back to ancient times in India and thus holds great cultural significance. Indian culture has always looked up to gold as a symbol of wealth and power. 

With that said, scientists have found various scientific reasons for wearing jewelry. Various gold jewelry has always been popular among Indians, especially women. Some popular jewelry pieces have also been found to have numerous health benefits. Read on to find out how common forms of jewelry have now been backed up by science.

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Health benefits of wearing Gold jewelry


There is strong evidence that Indian women have been adorning themselves with bangles since ancient times. Bangles have been found to help in blood pressure regulation and the body's energy regulation. The energy released by the body's outer layer gets reflected by the bangles and returns to the body. This is because the ring-shaped bangles have no ends to pass the energy outside. Bangles worn by pregnant women also serve as acoustic stimuli for the growing fetus.


In females, the ears consist of a nerve that is connected to the eyes and also to the reproductive organs. Gold earrings have been found to cause friction and improve eyesight, besides having an acupuncture effect on our body.

Nose ring/Nose pin

Various studies have established that besides its usual function, the nose also helps control different feelings and emotions. It thus strengthens a woman emotionally. The point on the left nostril where the piercing is usually made is said to strengthen the ovaries. Thus, it aids in improving the sexuality of a woman and also helps during childbirth. Wearing a nose pin thus leads to favorable conditions during the birth of a baby and reduces the pain the woman feels during delivery. Also, Ayurveda says that piercing the left nostril helps to relieve menstrual pain.

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Mang Tika

It is a piece of jewelry worn on the head and rests on the upper part of the forehead. It is believed that mang tikas regulate the heat levels of the body.


Studies have shown that anklets do not just add grace and beauty to a woman's feet. It helps to revibrate one's energy back to the body. It relieves joint pains and keeps negative energy away with its jingling sound.

Toe ring

Wearing a toe ring has been associated with regulating menstrual flow and balancing blood pressure. Usually, toe rings are worn on the second toe. The nerve in the second toe passes from the heart and is also connected to the uterus. 


A mangalsutra is worn by married women. It consists of two golden cups that are hollow on one side. The other sides of the cups are raised. The hollow side of the cups faces the body. This attracts positive energy and is also said to regulate blood circulation. A mangalsutra is the western equivalent of a ring and is considered a sign of good health and the husband's life.

Kamarbandh (waist band)

Women wear Kamarbandh on their waists. It is said to regulate menstruation and ease menstrual cramps. Wearing a silver kamarbandh has also been associated with controlling belly fat.


Wearing a ring on the ring finger leads to friction that improves health. Rings are not worn on the middle finger because the nerve present in the middle finger passes through our brain divider. Thus, friction caused by wearing a ring on the middle finger may lead to confusion and hamper your decision-making abilities. 

Scientific studies show that gold reacts well with the body's energy and positively affects the body and mind when worn. Thus, it is quite clear that gold holds traditional value in India and the reasons behind wearing them are also ample.

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