If you feel you are in a rut, it is time to dig deep, find motivation, and increase your productivity levels. Here’s how you can do it.

Want to increase your productivity? Try these motivation strategies

Motivation drives one to excel in life. Motivating factors can vary; some are driven by money, others by fame. For some, motivation could be to bring change; for others, it could be to transform the world. Motivation is a key factor that boosts productivity and pushes people to give their best.

However, even the most motivated and driven person can fall into a slump. This can affect their productivity in the short term and their career or financial prospects in the long-term. The reasons could be many – they may no longer enjoy their work, they may be overworked, or they may simply be bored by routine.

If you’re one of them, fret not. Let’s look at some nifty ways to take up the slack and boost your motivation levels.

Seek inspiration: What’s your inspiration? Is it travelling the world, following a healthier lifestyle, or providing a better future to your kids? Don’t work just for the sake of it. Find a reason to work and your motivation levels will automatically rise.

Set financial goals: Set some financial goals for yourself. It could be anything from buying a car, a home for your family, creating an education fund for your child, or a retirement fund for yourself. These tangible goals work as great motivators that push you to succeed at work and increase productivity. It ensures you want to work, not merely because you have to.

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Make your workspace inviting: If your workspace is drab, you will be even less motivated to show up on time and get through the day. So jazz it up a little. Add family photos, potted plants, and other items that reflect your personality. Make your office or desk your very own. You can also add productivity tools to work better and smarter.

Go on a vacation: Most often, all you need is a break from the mundane. So take off on a vacation by yourself or with loved ones to revitalise and rejuvenate. A few days of chilling by the sea or in the hills can work wonders; you are certain to come back to work with renewed enthusiasm. Taking short weekend breaks now and then can also be a great way to reboot. 

If you’re a business leader, increasing the motivation of your employees is a great way to enhance productivity and build a profitable business. Here’s what you can do: 

Build trust with your employees: If those working for you trust you and your vision, they will be motivated to give it their all. Build deeper relationships with them and make them aware that you have their best interests in mind. Keep an open-door policy where people can walk in and talk to you without any qualms. 

Define a career growth path: Invest in your people and help them grow personally and professionally. Chart out a career path for them and encourage them to aim higher. Give them opportunities to move ahead. Facilitate the right tools via training and development to help them achieve their goals.

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Compensate well for their efforts: Money is a solid motivational instrument. Show your employees that you value their contribution by compensating them as per global standards. Provide incentives, rewards, and promotion opportunities to ensure they go above and beyond the call of duty.

Ensure employee happiness: If your employees are happy, they will be productive. Communicate well with them. Understand their grievances and take steps to solve them. Provide a cohesive work environment that is built on transparency, equal opportunities, growth, and employee well-being.

With these strategies in your armour, you can work towards finding motivation and become the best version of yourself! If you are wondering how to use your time effectively to balance your personal and professional life, you're not alone! Take a look at 5 tips to balance your friendship and work-life the easy way