There is a minimalism challenge for every personality. Are you ready to take yours?

Take these 5 minimalism challenges suited for every personality

We often assess people around us based on their personality. Whether you realise it or not, people have distinct traits that define why and how they behave the way they do. Letting go of these distinct – and often potentially toxic – habits is easier said than done. Consequently, if you are able to declutter your life, it should be considered as quite a feat. 

While there are plenty of ways to detox your flaws, there is no one-size-fits-all method. So here are 5 small challenges to transform your overcomplicated life into a simple, minimalistic one: 

1. Get KonMaried (for the Pack Rat)

Marie Kondo is a famous author and organising consultant, whose KonMari challenge is perfect for hoarders. It involves incorporating a system of decluttering and simplifying your home by keeping only those items that bring joy into your life. Even if you don’t follow her method to the letter, taking active steps to get rid of useless physical items is a step towards living a more minimalistic lifestyle. 

Tip: Try to undertake the challenge over the weekend and finish it within the time frame. 

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2. Budget Bonding (for the Impulse Shopper)

Take up the challenge to ‘buy less and spend less’. This may not sound like a challenge at first, but in the long run, it is the most important personality trait you’d want to incorporate. Be mindful of your spending, because at the end of the day if you don’t need it, it’s just money wasted. Valuing the money you earn by re-evaluating your necessities will allow you to appreciate the little things in life. 

3. Wardrobe Purge (for the Fashion Fanatic)

For fashionistas who change their outfits with every season, wardrobe purging is a great concept of minimalistic living. Start by donating unwanted items in your closet to charity. The feeling of giving to the less fortunate will not just make you feel better but also teach you how to value practicality over the joy of possession. So when it comes to getting rid of items you don’t need, make a prompt decision and follow through with it. You will quickly learn to be content with what you have. 

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4. Digital Detox (for the Tech Maven)

It feels great to be plugged in all the time, but it’s also nice to look up at the bright blue sky once in a while. Achieving a ‘minimalistic’ personality does not end with decluttering homes and closets. To live a healthier and more holistic life, schedule your screen time in such a way that you don’t spend half the day with your nose buried in a gadget. 

Tip: Use this time to evaluate life decisions, make a gratitude log, and spend uninterrupted time with loved ones. 

5. The Art of Refusal (for the Do-It-All)

There are plenty of people who just can’t say ‘NO’. Just like a no-phone or no-spend challenge, take up the no-yes challenge. Stop saying ‘YES’ under duress. Be true to your decisions by saying ‘no’ to things that physically, mentally, and spiritually impact your health. Do not feel obliged to say ‘yes’ to people simply because you’re afraid they will feel bad or insulted. 

Tip: Saying no does not mean shutting the door on new opportunities. If you have a hard time saying no, start by learning how to stop saying yes. 

Identify your personality and focus on one small challenge at a time. In the long run, it's all about living a mindfully minimal life that brings pleasure. Take the No-Spend Challenge to make sure you save money in productive ways.