Being your boss is what today’s generation believes in. If you are also one such person who does not want to work 9 to 5 for others and wants to start their own small business, then there are a lot of options for you. Explore the article to choose the best one as your preference.

Profitable Small Business Ideas in India

Small Business Ideas List

Starting a small business needs big dedication, vision and discipline. The market is full of competition, therefore, creativity and uniqueness are what make a small business big and profitable. 

The list of these small business ideas which you can choose as part-time or full-time work is as follows:

  • Blogging: If you are interested in writing and have a passion for it, then you must start your blogging. You can write about a lot of things such as travel, educational blogs, motivational blogs, lifestyle, fashion and many more. There are many facilities available online from where you can build your website. This will only cost a few thousand of investment. Moreover, you can use various free or paid websites to design your blog. Don’t forget to add beautiful pictures making the blog more interesting. You can also post ads on your blogs to earn money out of it.
  • Online Bakery: The country is being digitalized, so you should too. Why open a bakery shop by spending lakhs of rupees when you can open one digitally with only a few thousand investments. If you love baking, then make a business out of it. You just have to invest in the necessities required for baking and creating a website/app. Create your website or app to deliver these cakes and cookies to the doorsteps. Moreover, you must create your social media platforms where you regularly post to increase your customers.
  • Starting a Travel Agency: If you are great networking skills and communication skills then you can also start a travel agency. The Indian people are fond of travelling. It can be both national or international depending upon your ability. 
  • Food Stalls: We Indians love food and especially street foods. If you have a place where you can deliver good quality food with proper hygiene, then it can be one of the best small investment businesses. 

To know more about the best small business ideas in India in 2022, visit this link 


Many people prefer to start a business instead of working for others. Now, we can say that there are many business options you can choose from with a budget of 10,000 INR. Starting a small business needs great dedication. You can start both offline and online businesses depending upon your preference.