Unemployment is not an issue for women who can effectively use social media in their job search.

Looking for a job Social media might have the answer!

Social media and employment opportunities are almost organically intertwined. In a way, it almost seems like a match made in digital heaven. Social media sites act as formal or informal platforms for connecting with others. And the importance of networking when it comes to a job hunt cannot be overstated. 

If you are a woman looking for a full-time job or a part-time gig, social media platforms can save you from the trouble of maintaining your CV on multiple job portals or physically visiting job consultancy offices. For a housewife looking to start a career, or a woman coming back from a career break or maternity leave, social media platforms and groups can be a good starting point for job hunting.

Here are some ways in which you can go about it.

1. Join relevant groups
Social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook have dedicated groups based on skills and interests. Many of these groups are used by employers to post job openings. For instance, if you are a UI/UX designer you can search for groups with people of the same or similar professions. Such groups may be open for all or subject to screening by the group admin. Similarly, there are dozens of groups on social media platforms that are created to bring together women entrepreneurs. A woman looking to occupy herself with a business can benefit from joining such groups. 

2. Improve your branding
Think of yourself as a brand when it comes to job hunting. A survey by revealed that 3 out of 4 hiring managers check the social media profile of candidates. Employers are looking at social media as a viable option for recruiting, with 92% of hiring companies admitting to having used it already. This makes it all the more important for you to give more consideration to how your social media profiles look. Share your achievements, be it something you wrote or a design that you created. And avoid posting on controversial topics. Be equally choosy about whom you follow and what kind of social media engagements you participate in.

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3. Maintain an active presence
Coming to your participation, it is important to highlight your brighter side. From a job-hunting perspective, maintaining your social media page is like an ongoing preparation for the next job interview. Your activity in the group can be a big plus in boosting your profile. Do remember that your future employer may already be a part of the group. You can also participate in live events and ensure an active presence in such forums. Use scheduling tools to plan and post at desired intervals.

4. Network judiciously
Going on a networking spree and sending invitations to all and sundry may come off as being pushy. You should connect with people who know you or have a common point of reference. If you must connect with a stranger, at least send a personal message expressing why you are reaching out. 

5. Follow job search experts
Job search experts can offer significant insights into careers, professional life, and related topics. Their blogs and posts can be of great guidance in the pursuit of your dream job. A post like Hannah Morgan’s ‘10 LinkedIn status updates during your job search’ can be of instant interest for any woman looking for a job. These experts not only generate but also curate links and posts that can be of immediate benefit to you. 

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6. Target the right platforms
If you intend to use social media for job searches, it is important to know the specific focus of the major platforms. 

  • When it comes to employment opportunities, LinkedIn is the de facto mother of social media platforms. It has relevant professional groups where you can network, incorporate work samples, and get recommendations and endorsements. 
  • Facebook groups are a good place to get professional exposure, while the Jobs on Facebook feature too comes in handy.
  • Instagram and Pinterest can be used for image-based posts that can establish your brand. A woman looking to become a chef, fashion designer, or graphics artist will find Instagram useful for posting her works.
  • Twitter can be a good platform to interact and react to recruiters and job openings. It is just as convenient for one-on-one communication and is an excellent networking platform.
  • For women who want to take up training, acting, consulting roles or become a musician, YouTube’s video content can be particularly effective. 

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Understandably, jobs openings on social media don't follow the traditional recruitment path. The flip side of it is the possibility of being scammed by opportunists and scammers. You can try to check the authenticity of the recruiter, and insist on shorter payment cycles or advance payment for projects, to ensure that your employer doesn't vanish after getting your deliverable. The unique features of different social media platforms mean that a woman can use one or more of them for any profession she chooses to pursue. Not all the platforms may be right for highlighting your skills, but you will surely find at least one that matches the purpose. #GoodLuckWithYourJobSearch Do you know these highest-paying jobs for women?


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