Gytree is the first-of-its-kind female-first product.

 Kiran Mazumdar funds Gytree

Gytree, a women's health platform, announced that it had raised funds from Kiran Mazumdar Shaw (Biocon Exec Chairperson), Anubhuti Sharma (Millie Clinic), Ajay Srinivasan (ex-CEO, Aditya Birla Capital), Rainmaker Investments, and others in the first fundraising round. 

Kiran Mazumdar Shaw believes there is a need for a female-first product in Healthcare, and India has been ignoring that for many years. Gytree will fill the gap through technology. It will solve women's personalized needs through services and products. Kiran Mazumdar Shaw said she was delighted to support Shaili with her team in the meaningful journey. 

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Shaili Chopra, The Award-Winning Entrepreneur

Shaili Chopra is an award-winning entrepreneur who set up Anand Mahindra-backed SheThePeople earlier. It was the largest women's platform in Asia. The core team consists of women who understand other women's needs. Shaili believes that women in India require a 360-degree approach toward care because of interrelated symptoms and their outcomes. Gytree provides a patient-centric group to bridge the gap across different life stages, ranging from menstruation to menopause. No other healthcare system currently provides it. 

Shaili added that around 60% of Indian working women leave the workforce because of issues related to their health. The National Health Portal of India suggests that over 32 million Indian women suffer from hardly curable conditions. These include infertility, endometriosis, and PCOS. These women do not get appropriate help to manage the issues effectively. Gytree will help these women at every step. The female-first product will help in long-term management, timely diagnosis, symptom management, and more. 

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The female-first product will be available on the web app, and corporations focusing on female health will also be able to avail of the services. 

Shaili said that the Gytree workforce has several benefits for females who seek support and don't get it easily. They can discuss intimate and personal health details in a discreet and safe environment. Aditya Birla says he is excited by FemTech and believes that women-first products will drive growth by scaling and improving lives. Tech usage can help over 600 million in India through affordable help.