How to inform the Election Commission in case of change of address of women due to marriage and what are the forms for the same.

How to ensure voting rights after marriage

Marriage is one event in a woman’s life that almost inevitably results in a change of residence for her. Apart from the memories, she also leaves behind her name in the electoral roll in her old address. She has to travel back to her old address to cast her vote and many times, she skips her voting rights due to the distance. But the Election Commission has very specific guidelines to address this issue, and these are very easy to follow as well.

First-time voter: If you are going to vote for the first time and also got married recently, you will have to fill the Form 6. You will have to fill in your new address in the form and submit the same. 

Migrating voter: If you have voted in the past in your old location but have now migrated to your husband’s location and both the locations fall under different constituencies, you will still have to fill Form 6. 

Voter migrating within: If you are moving into your husband’s home from your home but both are in the same constituency, you don’t need to fill Form 6. There is a Form 8A which is required in the case of intra-constituency migration.

These forms are available online on the NVSP portal ( or from the Election Commission’s website and can also be physically obtained from the electoral office nearby. Since these forms are about change of address, you have to submit a copy of your marriage certificate or a copy of the marriage invitation card. 

How to fill Form 6?

This form is meant for people who want to include their name in the electoral roll as a first-time voter or for those who are shifting from one constituency to another. You have to tick one of these two options and provide the new constituency, district and state of the Election Registration Officer to whom you are addressing the application. Next, in the form, you will provide your name and that of an applicant, along with your age and gender. You have to provide your current address and your permanent address, and choose to keep both same. The form also asks for your family number and your disability details, email ID and phone number.

Apart from the details, you will also have to provide supporting documents which you can upload in the form itself. The documents required to be uploaded are a photograph, an age proof and an address proof. The last part of the form is a declaration, following which the form is ready to be submitted.

How to fill Form 8A?

Filling the 8A form is required if you have shifted from one place to another within the same constituency. In this form too you have to address the application to the Election Registration Officer of the particular constituency. You have to provide your particulars including name, part number, serial number and an EPIC number of your existing voter ID. You have to provide details of the address to which you have shifted. The supporting documents required to be uploaded are a photograph and an address proof. Just like Form 6, the declaration forms the last part of this form.

In case of both the forms, if you face any difficulty in uploading the supporting documents, the Booth Level Officer may also collect it from your house. Besides the online form, these forms can also be obtained from the offices of Electoral Registration Office, the Assistant Electoral Registration Office and other designated locations and centres. By taking these simple steps you can make exercising your electoral rights an easier task.

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