Don’t do it for The “Gram”, do it for the money!

Could Instagram be a profitable career? Find out!

Instagram is the new Facebook! Although Facebook isn’t out of the social media scene, Mark Zuckerburg’s brainchild is being overthrown by one of his acquisitions. Millennials are making the shift from Facebook to Instagram, and why not! Insta is fun, quick, and a much easier way to connect with the world.

However, it has also evolved from being just another social media platform to a money-minting business. Just a few hashtags and right angles could get you trending, and in no time you will be an Instagram influencer. You’ll see self-proclaimed food bloggers and #wanderlust profiles, who claim they are Instagram influencers too. They have no endorsements, sponsorships, or a penny coming out of their Instagram influence. So, ruling Instagram isn’t that easy. If anyone could do it, everyone would do it!

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So, we have decided to spill the beans on what goes into becoming an Instagram influencer and actually getting paid while you are at it:

1. Define your Instagram: Select your niche, if you want your Instagram to be more than just another Instagram, and then commit to it. There are plenty of Instagram influencers out there, choose what’s gonna make you different. You can carve out a niche for your Instagram handle, but in that niche too, you would need to stand out from the crowd. 

2. Uniform Design: While “something different” may be the mantra for your success, you need to make sure your feed looks uniform yet appealing at the same time. Don’t confuse your followers with too much of designing or too much text. Keep your template similar for most posts, and let your followers know what this influencer is about! 

3. Engage with your Followers: Let’s be real – everyone wants to hop on this new age popularity. This is the quickest way of becoming royalty! However, the road to this popularity was laid on the idea of making friends among your followers. Help people connect with your content. Make the most of the new "stories" feature, and stay connected with your audience. you would even show up on the feed of people who haven't yet followed you, and that's a good opportunity to spread your Instagram influence. Ask them for regular feedback, and corporate it in your content without compromising on your own message. Posting engaging content that would require your followers to comment or share or tag people is another way of increasing reach. Instagram influencers find their first few clients among their followers. Moreover, if you want to grow organically, a highly interactive Instagram handle is the way to go!

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4. Collaborations: While you may not get paid huge right at the beginning, even free collaborations with other Instagram influencers and even brands may help you gain a bigger audience. More collaborations would also put you on the radar as an active Instagram influencer. You may also seek partnership with affiliate marketing based firms. Don’t hesitate in shooting emails/messages first. If you are in this for income, you have to first accept the fact that in the beginning, you may need to exhibit your talent for free.

5.  Stay Consistent: The biggest thing gets saved for the last – consistency! Some people may make it on the trending charts overnight. However, the ones who rule an industry are the ones who took time. Rome wasn’t built overnight, nor would your career as an Instagram influencer! Patience is your virtue your profile needs to be about. Be regular with your posts, and repeat the above points without a day’s break. Hop on any opportunity which is relevant to your niche, and be flexible enough to cater to new events in your feed.

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Above everything is the power of what you feed your followers; content is the king! Don't underestimate quality. It may look like bad content sells faster, but good content earns you loyal and respecting followers. Also, exercise the power of hashtags judiciously to reach out to a larger audience.

These are some quick starters on how to make real money out of Instagram. As an Instagram Influencer, you would need to be persistent and have a side-income at the same time, while your long term career out of Instagram grows in the background. To add more to it, read this to know 5 proven ways to make some serious money online.  

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