Creating good content for YouTube is tough. These creators have aced the game and are raking in the money.

Highest earning Indian and international YouTubers of 2021

YouTube has become the most prominent digital platform for all kinds of content. It has music, sports, entertainment, travel, food, gaming, self-help, and more. Millions of people are lapping up content over the streaming platform. An estimated 30 million people across the world watch about 1 billion hours of content each day on YouTube!

Content creators who have carved a niche and been consistent have managed to gain cult following with millions of dedicated followers. Good content undoubtedly brings in handsome revenues for these creators as a part of Google’s Adsense partner program through advertisements on their channel. 

Let’s take a look at some YouTubers across genres, in no particular order, who are reaping rich rewards.

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Gaurav Chaudhary [Technical Guruji]

  • Genre: Informative - Technology
  • Estimated earnings: $2.5 million - $3 million

Gaurav started his YouTube journey in 2015, making videos about domestic technology, smartphones, gadgets, and more. His simple demeanour and easy explanations in Hindi have earned him about 22 million subscribers and catapulted him amongst the highest earning YouTubers in India.

Ryan Kaji [Ryan’s World]

  • Genre: Toys
  • Estimated earnings: $27 million - $30 million

Ryan has been unboxing, reviewing and playing with toys since the age of four. Now aged 10, he is no stranger to this elite YouTube list, which he has topped multiple times. Last year, Ryan ranked as the 7th highest earning content creator with the help of 31.5 million subscribers.

Bhuvan Bam [BB Ki Vines]

  • Genre: Entertainment - Comedy
  • Estimated earnings: $1.5 million - $2 million

Bhuvan Bam is one of the most renowned YouTubers in India, with content primarily geared towards comedy. He has a dedicated following of over 25 million subscribers, which is expected to soon grow multi-fold when his own web series kicks off.

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Rhett and Link [Good Mythical Morning]

  • Genre: Entertainment - News and slice of life
  • Estimated earnings: $25 million - $27 million

What started off as the duo’s daily nerdy podcast has grown into a major content brand with various sub-channels and brand extensions. Rhett and Link have been at it for nearly 10 years on YouTube and have consistently ranked amongst the highest earners with the help of 17.5 million subscribers.

Nisha Madhulika

  • Genre: Food
  • Estimated earnings: $1 million - $1.5 million

Nisha started her food vlog seven years ago at the age of 52 as a means to fill her time, with editing and uploading help from her husband. Today, she has a team of five people behind the scenes and has put up hundreds of simple and delicious recipes that have earned her about 12.3 million subscribers.

Nathan Graham [Unspeakable]

  • Genre: Gaming
  • Estimated earnings: $25 million - $28.5 million

Nathan has turned his love for the children’s staple game Minecraft into a ‘money-craft’. He has about 23 million subscribers across his four YouTube channels, where he posts videos of himself playing Minecraft and other games or videos of silly challenges and pranks.

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Ajay [Total Gaming]

  • Genre: Gaming
  • Estimated earnings: $1 million - $1.4 million

In just three years, Ajay has become the biggest gaming YouTuber in India. He streams his gameplay with Hindi commentary and offers tips and techniques to his followers to improve their gameplay. Ajay uploads an average of two videos a day and has a huge subscriber base of 31 million.

Jimmy Donaldson [MrBeast]

  • Genre: Entertainment
  • Estimated earnings: $50 million - $54 million

MrBeast claimed the throne in 2021 with record-breaking earnings in the history of YouTube. Jimmy is considered the pioneer of philanthropic stunt videos, where he is often seen giving away obscene amounts of money to friends, strangers, and charities for taking up silly challenges. Scores of people in the US are constantly on the lookout to be featured in his videos - the main reason why he has a whopping 89 million subscribers.