With work, home, and active social life, here's how women can manage all areas of their lives like a pro!

Here’s how you can be the woman of the house

The connotation behind the phrase ‘woman of the house’ has taken a fantastically positive turn in today’s era. From the regressive attribution of a mere someone who manages the household to an equal partner in all aspects, today’s women are balancing dream careers with an idyllic family life like a total boss. And they’re actively contributing towards the family’s income as well as equally sharing responsibilities towards holistic overall growth.

Here’s how you can effortlessly become the woman of the house:

Dissect your salary and acquire financial literacy

The first step towards understanding what part of your earnings go towards collective household expenses and how much of it is siphoned into your personal savings is understanding the core figure you have in hand post-tax and EMI deductions.

You also need to acquire knowledge about the tax benefits specific to women, such as the expanded scope of the deduction for education loan under Section 80(E). Such knowledge will help you understand finances better and empower you to take various financial decisions individually as well as along with your partner.

Chalk out the monthly budget together

Instead of paying-per-purchase, make a list of all the expenses incurred in a month – from rent, electricity bills, school fee, to miscellaneous expenses. Once you have this number in place, figure out how much you and your partner will contribute individually.

And while you’re talking expenses, don’t forget to also assign roles for carrying out these household responsibilities.

Zero in on the amount of time you’d be investing at work and at home

With blurred gender roles, both partners try to juggle home and work equally. Decide upon how much time will you, without fail, be contributing at home. If you are involved in the type of work that requires staying out till late or working unpredictable hours, your partner should know when to step in and take care of the house and the kids in your absence, and vice-versa.

Financing short- and long-term goals

Whether it is the annual family vacation to London or saving towards your child’s higher education, figure out how much money should be parked in savings and investments. And how much of this would you be contributing is a discussion you must undertake at the outset.

Channel some money towards personal savings

Before playing the role of a wife or a mother, you’re an independent woman living her own life. Not only would you have money to pamper yourself and indulge regularly, but is it financially prudent to have a savings cushion to fall back on to meet contingencies in the future.

Additional tips:

-Take turns cooking at home so you can both enjoy certain nights off and save money by not ordering in

- Juggling so many responsibilities can get taxing. Don’t neglect your physical and mental health and make sure you to get ample amount of exercise, rest, and quality time with yourself

- When it comes to finances, it’s best to have a transparent discussion with your partner to avoid bitter situations later

- Learn to say no, especially if you feel that saying yes would hamper your work-life balance. It’s one thing to accommodate for a project at work, and another to stay till late in the name of pressing deadlines

- It’s also advised to have a discussion with your kids so that they don’t feel neglected on account of you being away from home for so long

- Seek professional help if you feel you need to sort your finances and make sure to choose the best investment avenues suiting your salary and your goals

Being the woman of the house may seem tough, but you’re tougher! Once you understand the basics and get in the groove, you’d pretty much become a boss lady on autopilot. Have a look at the working woman's guide to maintaining a work-life balance. 


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