Women safety apps in India

Best safety apps for women

Best safety apps for women

Women's safety has been prioritised as a result of an increase in crimes against them in recent years. Women play a significant role in contributing to the development in various fields, and to maintain this, the safety of women has become the top priority.

Women are increasingly leaving their homes in search of higher education and job opportunities, as well as travelling alone at odd hours might be frightening. While the government and law enforcement organisations seek to raise awareness, technology companies have stepped in to provide innovative tech-based solutions and wearable devices that can assist women in staying safe.

Women's safety refers to strategies, policies, and procedures aimed at minimising gender-based violence (also known as violence against women) and women's fear of crime.

Here are India's top five women's safety apps:


With features such as GPS tracking, emergency contact numbers, and directions to secure locales, this app is considered one of the greatest applications for women's safety across India. The application allows users to pin dangerous spots and assist others. Women should have this app as one of their personal safety apps. The software is accessible in Hindi, Bahasa, and Spanish, as well as English.


Here is another free safety programme for women recommended by the Delhi Police . This is a safety alert app. After registering on the Delhi Police website with the necessary information, users will be able to issue an SOS (emergency alert) alert and share their position details if they become stranded in a dangerous scenario. The audio and video from the smartphone will also be transmitted live to the Delhi Police control room. When a crisis occurs, the police will be able to respond promptly.


This is a safety alert app that allows the users to select the contacts who will be authorised to view the location. The app contains a button that will send notifications to the user's family with the current location in the event of a distress situation. Furthermore, even if the phone is turned off or unresponsive, the user can inform their loved ones by holding down the volume key for three seconds. Moreover, if the user is stranded without access to cell data or the internet, the Raksha app has an SOS option that may send an SMS. 

4.Women Safety

The Women Safety app, like other apps, transmits all critical information about a person in difficulty with a single click of a button. The software allows users to email all of their personal information, as well as a Google Maps link, to a pre-configured phone number. You can also take two images with your phone's front and back cameras, which will be directly uploaded to the server. It also has three coloured buttons that allow the user to select the severity of the situation. In comparison to other apps, this girl safety software provides a lot of functions.


The Smart24x7 app contains a variety of great features to keep women safe, and it has been endorsed by a number of Indian state police departments. Other than just ensuring women's security, this app is also useful for elderly people. When a problem emerges, it sends panic notifications to emergency contacts while simultaneously recording and transmitting speech and photographs, which are then forwarded to the authorities.