Manage both work and home easily without sacrificing one for the other.

The best mom or the best employee? Why not both?

As soon as a working woman decides to get married or start a family, she’s bombarded with advice on giving more preference to one over the other. From scare tactics, such as ‘your child will grow up feeling unloved’ to ‘your career will hit a downfall’, there always seems to be a consensus among how it’s nearly impossible to balance a promising career with managing a family.

The good news, however, is that the modern boss lady is constantly showing the world why such notions are utterly nonsensical. If you’re on the same boat, here’s how you can effortlessly create a balance between work and family without one hampering the other.

Decide your priorities

While attending your child’s parent-teacher meeting is important, going for a distant relative’s roka might not be. To avoid getting overwhelmed by the effect of multitasking, the first step is to prioritise what’s important for you. Figure out which family-centric decisions top the list and where is it that you need to cut corners to give work more importance.

For instance, stretching a couple of days late at night to finish a project may be high on the list but going on a business tour for weeks when your child’s exams are on might need a discussion with the boss.

Choose a pro-work-life balance organisation 

Organisations today realise the impact of a positive work-life balance on productivity and are hence making it more conducive for employees to walk that path. Before you apply, make sure to scan through their employee-centric policies, such as flexible working hours, maternity and paternity leave, facilities such as an in-house crèche or daycare, etc.

Lay it on the table

It’s best to set the ground rules right at the beginning so your employer is aware of what you bring to the table. For instance, if there are strict office timings but you know you’ll have to drop your kid to school and will be a couple of minutes late every day, inform them at the time of joining itself so they can factor it in.

Increase productivity, save time

The key to balancing two extremely demanding areas of your life is by prudently utilising your time. Instead of browsing through social media during work hours or chatting up with co-workers during an extended lunch break, try to limit distractions and probably head home early.

Find a credible childcare facility

Working mothers are constantly worried about the wellbeing of their children, especially if they are at a young age. Zoning in on a good daycare or nanny service can ease half of those worries.

Stay connected on the go

Whether you want to monitor the babysitter while sitting at the office or ensure that you’re just one call away, technology has made staying connected extremely easy. Plus, constantly checking up on your kids also doesn’t make them feel your absence. A quick video call during lunch break or a call in between meetings goes a long way in comforting them and you.

Don’t bring work home

Though easier said than done, don’t let your work creep into your home time. When you’re at home, give your family undivided attention by talking about the day, or do fun activities like movie night or cooking dinner together.

Don’t get overwhelmed

You need mental and emotional tenacity to constantly balance the two. Sometimes, you’d probably think that you’re not doing enough, but you’re doing the best you can at your current situation. If things need to change, if the list needs some adjustment, do it, but don’t let that get to you because that would negatively impact both, your work and home life.

You should never have to pick from one of the two things you love and cherish. It may call for some extra effort but with the right attitude and these tips up your sleeve, you’d be easily acing both key areas of your life like a pro! "Work-life balance is a Utopian concept that existed earlier," believed Prachi Mohapatra, CMO of FBB Future Retail. Let's hear more from her.