The idea that only a regular 9-5 corporate job qualifies as an actual career has been long debunked. Many people are now finding different ways to succeed in their professional lives, with social media being at the centre of it.

Be an instrapreneur: How to successfully run your business on Instagram?

Instagram started out as a social media platform that allowed an individual to share photos and stay connected with others. Slowly, however, people began banking on it to gain a large following of their own that helped create a community unique to them, while also launching a promising career. A survey conducted by HypeAuditor earlier this year studied a sample of 1,865 Instagram influencers, gaining an understanding of their income, workload, time invested, as well as their main source of income. It was revealed that on an average, an influencer earns $2,970 per month just from their Instagram account. An approximate estimate of which is Rs. 2,20,954.64.

Visuals play a key role here – everyone strives to create that perfect aesthetic and layout for their Instagram profiles. In the world of social media, what sells is what people like (to see). The good thing though is that there’s room for everyone here, no matter how intimidating the pool of people may seem. 

As we said, each community is unique, so anything you have to offer will already stand out, given the usage of the right tools. Here’s how you can jumpstart your new Insta-profile.

1. Have all the basic details in place

It is crucial that you have all primary information ready before jumping in. Come up with a username that preferably talks about your brand or business (say, @theveganbakery). You should also have a business name to identify your account that remains the same across all your social media pages (in this case, ‘The Vegan Bakery’).

Make sure to use your business logo, or a relevant profile picture if you don’t have one yet. Mention your company website, which should be accessible from your profile via a clickable URL. Don’t forget to include a short bio that describes the details of your business, or a tagline that captures the essence of it.

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2. Focus on building a community

The secret to thriving on social media is authenticity. What’s the point in trying to be someone else where there’s already one of them? Focus on improving your skills, engagement, and identifying your target audience. Make good use of specifically targeted content that narrows your reach. A good place to start could be hashtags. For example, instead of simply saying #vegan, try #almondflourbrownies, or make use of location-specific hashtags such as #mumbaibakedgoodies.

3. Identify your business goals

Try to visualise the end result. What purpose does your Instagram account serve? Is it meant to bring awareness, to teach new things, or simply to improve your skills? Whatever the objective is, make sure it’s conveyed through your content.

4. Share stories with pictures

If your business stands for veganism, you could consider sharing vibrant pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables, list alternatives to animal products, or share behind-the-scene pictures of how you baked your latest batch of cookies.

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5. Promote your content creatively

You can be creative in different ways. For instance, you can make short, fun videos of your products, share tips and tricks, or suggest helpful hacks. Or you could create and share a captivating menu for your bakery, along with vibrant images.

6. Establish relationships

While you may be great at what you do, there are surely people in your industry that inspire you and are doing exceedingly well. Try to reach out to them, keep up with their posts, or get a shout-out from them if possible. Another way could be to share free samples of your products.

7. Try going for paid ads

While it’s not entirely necessary, paid ads can offer your profile a boost, and enable your most popular posts to achieve a wider reach. You could try this if you feel your posts are not getting the desired traction.

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Last words

Whether you’re setting up a new business or wish to promote your art page, Instagram can be great tool. It’s free and anyone can set up an account. While it could be a little daunting initially, one can take it slow and learn along the way. There’s no harm in asking for help – from your followers, or even a fellow creator. Your commitment towards your business can certainly help reap monetary benefits, giving you a stable income over time.