The world is full of superstitions. But did you know some of these are considered to bring you additional financial luck?

8 Bizarre money superstitions many people still believe in

The world is full of diversity. Whether it’s cultural practices or eating habits, every now and then you come across a strange practice from another land. But there are some things common to all cultures and countries – one of them being the importance of money. Money makes the world go round, and these bizarre superstitions further fuel its relevance and need in people’s lives. 

Check out the world’s strangest money superstitions that many people continue to believe in – even in this day and age.

1. It is bad luck to place your purse on the floor

Money, especially in India, is often compared to god. Goddess Lakshmi is also known as the goddess of wealth and people often pray to her when a financial emergency strikes. As a result, over the centuries, people have started respecting money the same way they would respect Goddess Lakshmi. Hence, leaving your wallet or purse on the floor is considered to be disrespectful and a sign of bad luck. 

2. If you have hairy arms, you will get rich

Mark Twain’s famous novel, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, made the saying popular that if you have hairy arms, you will get rich. There is, of course, little evidence to support the claim, but the saying is often heard even today and many parts of the world believe it holds substance. 
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3. Bird droppings will make you richer

You can always find a silver lining in the worst of times. Walking down the street and a bird decided to bless you with its excrement? Don’t fret; you still have something to be happy about! Many believe that bird droppings on your hair or clothes can make you instantly rich. 

4. Itchy palms mean you are going to receive money soon

This is an age-old superstition that many believe in even today. It is said that if your left palm itches, you will soon receive money from someone. This could be a gift, a hike in your salary, or a bonus. On the other hand, if your right palm itches, you might lose some money to an expected expense. 

5. Rub the belly of a laughing Buddha for financial prosperity

Laughing Buddha statues and figurines are a common item of décor in many homes. But apart from being a decorative item, the laughing Buddha is also a symbol of luck. Some people believe that rubbing the Buddha’s tummy can bring a stroke of luck your way and make you rich. The practice is also believed to bring in more happiness and overall prosperity and abundance. 

6. Gifting a new wallet with money attracts more money

A wallet can be a great gift for a loved one. But gifting an empty wallet is thought to bring bad luck. Many people believe that while gifting someone a new wallet, you should always put some money inside it. Money attracts more money, so it is believed the person using the wallet will never run out of cash in their life. 

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7. Adding a rupee ensures more luck 

This is a common practice in India. People often give cash as a gift on weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and other similar important events. However, regardless of the amount of the gift, a rupee is always added to bring in an extra dose of luck and prosperity. For instance, Rs 1001, Rs 5001, etc. While the rupee adds very little monetary value to the gift, it is believed to be auspicious. 

8. Certain gemstones can make you rich

Astrologers often advise their clients to wear gemstones based on their birth date, gender, age, zodiac sign, etc. The size of the gemstone is decided by the astrologer and the client is asked to wear it as a ring or chain in a design that allows the stone to touch the person’s skin. Various gemstones have unique benefits and are known to make a person wealthier, healthier, and happier. Certain gemstones may also be prohibited for certain zodiac signs and genders as they can bring bad luck to the wearer.

Last words

No one can tell if these superstitions hold a grain of truth, or are mere folk tales created by previous generations. Either way, they are a clear reminder of the importance money has in our lives and how it is valued by people all over the world. You can try following some of these superstitions and see if they bring you any luck. Check these 7 Money habits to start building in your twenties. 


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