Today, companies are leaving no stone unturned to help women work along while not missing out on their household and family responsibilities.

Women bring a lot of diversity to a workplace. But because women have a larger role in running a household and taking care of their family and children, they work harder to match up with their male counterparts. Hence, in an effort to encourage more and more women to join the workforce, many companies offer additional benefits for them.

Here are some of the benefits you should look for before joining a new company:


1. Flexible working hours
Many companies realise the importance of granting employees, especially women, flexible work timings. Since women have the added responsibility to perform the daily household tasks, flexible work timings prove to be extremely helpful. This way, women are not only more comfortable at work but also more productive.


2. Travel allowance and transport
If you’re moving to another city for a job, you should ask your employer to compensate you for conveyance. Some companies also cover daily travel expenses. This can be a great benefit if you stay considerably far from your workplace and spend a significant amount on travel. Travelling at night can be difficult for women. If your company provides transportation facility, be sure to avail it.

3. Maternity leave and benefits
Although the mandatory maternity leave in India is 26 weeks make sure you read the terms and policies of the company beforehand as some organisations also offer additional benefits like medical bonus, free meals during pregnancy or additional leave if there are any complications. The smallest of these things can be very helpful for expectant mothers.

4. Employee education
Companies around the world always encourage their employees to learn new skills. Therefore, they finance their employee’s education or any specialisation course so that they can contribute further to the company’s growth. This is an excellent opportunity for new mothers who are returning to their job after their maternity break. These courses can help them catch-up with others and pursue higher education without worrying about the funds.

5. Health insurance
Employers are quite concerned about the health of their employees. Healthcare is extremely expensive and requires a lot of attention financially, and a good insurance plan simplifies both these things for you. Women need health cover for pregnancy and post-childbirth care as well. So, make sure you check for health benefits and insurance provided by the firm before joining.

6. Work from home
Juggling both home and job eventually takes a toll on a woman. There are times when she has to attend to her child or an ailing family member. This is when the benefit of working from home comes to her rescue. Most companies have a fixed number of days you can work from home, but they make some exceptions for women. So, this turns out to be a rather important employee benefit that you must keep in mind when you are looking out to join a new firm.

7. Other facilities

Besides the benefits mentioned above, many companies also provide facilities that help women to manage their work-life effectively. For example, if the company has wellness rooms, you can use them to rest for a while when you are unwell. Some companies also provide free monthly health check-ups to ensure that their employees aren''''''''t facing any health issues. Moreover, there are instances when you have to go to work, but there is no one to look after your children. If your company provides daycare facility, they'll look after your children so that you can work without any worries.

With time, Indian companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of women in their workforce and are thus, trying their best to make it more comfortable for them to work. Hence, you too can make use of these benefits to have a productive work life and a happy family life.

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