Here’s what you need to do to maintain a work-life balance while holding a full-time job and managing your children.

6 Ways full-time moms can beat stress to maintain a work-life balance

Stress is one of the biggest concerns of working women everywhere. A lot of working women who are full-time moms go through the cycle of chronic stress and depression. Reports have shown that working moms with two children are 40% more stressed than women with no children. They are constantly struggling to balance professional commitments and personal responsibilities. 

If you are guilty of doing the same, it’s time to break the cycle. Here are a few ways you can beat work-life stress while being a full- time mom. 

1. Plan your day well ahead: Make it a point to plan your day well in advance. List the tasks you need to accomplish and stick to a regime. What’s the point of setting unachievable tasks? Do not try to be a superhero; it’s an impossible task. Make realistic goals on a daily basis and bear in mind that you can do more if you have the time. 

2. Separate personal and professional lives: You need to set clear boundaries between your personal and professional life. Once you are home, forget about work worries and tensions. Spend time with your kids and do not let your family time be interrupted due to work stress. 

3. Stress-busting exercises: You need to incorporate physical activity in your daily routine. The exercise need not be vigorous; even short walks can be helpful. Meditation has a huge impact on your mind and body and can help you calm down. In addition to meditation, yoga helps relax the mind and body.

4. Ask for help: There might come a time when you have to accept that you cannot manage the home by yourself. There is no shame in asking your family for assistance or hiring domestic help. Your spouses and other members of the family can – and should – pitch in. Men can very well cook and help with housework. Maintain a strong relationship with your friends who can help you in times of need.

5. Look after yourself: Always take good care of yourself. If you are in a stressful situation, you need to give a thought to yourself. Never try to cope by eating unhealthy food or avoiding the signs your body gives you. Set aside a few minutes every day just for yourself. 

6. Learn to say no: It might be tough, but saying no is going to help you in more ways than one. You do not have to attend every PTA meeting or your colleague’s birthday. Learn the power of saying no and see how it frees up your time. You have to know your boundaries and start saying no to people at work and at home. 

Most importantly, be happy and content with what you are doing. Accept the fact that it is not easy to be a full-time mom and have a full-time career. You are doing the best you can; stop feeling guilty about the choices you make. Above all, remember to have fun. Make time for family fun, vacations, and long weekends to make your life joyful. If you need more tips on how to strike a perfect balance between work and life, here's a guide you must read.