Confused what to gift your mom, this Mother’s Day? Here are six ideas that will make more than just her day

This Mother's Day, help your mom to facilitate her long-held dream

Mothers have been the symbol of selfless love since time immemorial. What is it about a mother’s love that melts our heart every single time she expresses herself? Maybe it’s because she is the reason for our very existence or maybe it’s her love that follows us our entire lifetime. Mother’s Day is, therefore, a day that lets us take the front seat and make our mothers feel special and loved.

There are a lot of gifts and handmade cards that we sincerely shower on mothers every year on this day. However, what about all the other days of the year? Why not gift her something that makes a greater impact on her life, something that helps her pursue her dreams? After all, there’s no better day than Mother’s Day to give your mother the gift of dreams!

Now, the question is how to give her the gift of dreams? The first step would be to help her in building her finances and fulfil her life-long dream which she would otherwise never shell out money for.

Well, here are 6 ideas that will help your mother celebrate not only for a day but for a lifetime. 

1. A vacation plan

Every mother deserves a break from her daily schedule and what better than gifting her a vacation to her dream destination? It may not happen right away but you can take small steps at a time. You can start a fund dedicated to accumulating the desired amount and even the other family members can contribute to the same. Imagine your mother enjoying on the beach with no worry on her mind, isn’t that the best gift ever? A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) will help you fund the dream vacation for your mother.

2. A business plan

Has your mother always been passionate about something and wanted to take it to a professional level? If yes, then helping her with the capital fund to start her own small business sounds like the best plan. If doing something productive makes your mother feel happy then helping her venture out on her own is a must for you! There are two ways of doing it. You can either spare a lump sum amount to get the business started or you can start investing a small amount and then start a business when the requisite amount is accumulated.

3. A mutual fund

A mutual fund is a great way of maintaining a balance between safety and risky. Mothers generally have their funds locked up in stable investment options like fixed deposits and other saving schemes. Opening a mutual fund account in your mother’s name will make her money grow rapidly and faster as compared to other options. A hybrid fund is recommended which is a mix of both debt and equity. It makes for a great gift as it helps in building a good retirement fund.

4. House renovation

Mothers are the only people who spend the maximum time or effort in maintaining the place we call home. Naturally, they have their dreams of having a modular kitchen, better furniture and more facilities. Most of the times, renovation is postponed due to another urgent financial situation. Funding a house renovation can, therefore, prove to be a long-due and a beautiful gift to your mother, this Mother's Day.  

5. A digital plan

When it comes to making your mother’s financial life easier, we are all concerned with how difficult it is for her to manage bank transactions, bill payments etc. Our generation has been blessed with technology and we should make an effort in passing the blessing to our mothers. Imagine how much time would she save if she is well versed with net banking, online bill payments, online shopping etc. It will definitely make her life easier and isn’t that what we eventually want for her?

6. An insurance cover

Health is the most genuine emotion and the first thing we pray for when we think about our mothers. Hence, an insurance cover for your mother seems like a gift that can ensure her good health and regular medical check-ups. Mostly everyone already has an insurance cover, but shouldering the responsibility of high premiums can go a long way in making your mothers financial life easier. 

Last words

On Mother's Day, we normally think of gifting good clothes, jewellery, etc. But sometimes taking an extra effort and going the extra mile may prove to be way more impactful. At the end of the day, we want our mother's life to get better and handling the finance part is a great way to ensure that. Show your mother you care this Mother's Day and invest in her future.

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