Don’t lose out on the opportunity of taking time out for your passions and hobbies during the lockdown.

5 Ways to explore new things during the lockdown when working from home

Given the state of our world right now, the future may look bleak. But if you open your social media apps, you’ll see just how positive and productive people can be as they seek the proverbial silver lining even at a time like this. People are adjusting to working from home, students are continuing their education with online classes, families are coming together to do chores, school friends are reconnecting and playing virtual board games, and everyone is trying to learn something new. 

If ordinary people can do all this during a global pandemic, it goes to show there’s a lot of hope remaining for humankind. If you’re wondering how you can develop new skills or try new things while working from home during the coronavirus lockdown, here are a few helpful ideas. 

1. Take up a passion project

Have you ever fantasised about quitting your job, going away for a few months and writing a book or painting like your life depends on it? It’s hard to fit in such passion projects in your busy routine, so you may have been putting them off for when you finally have the time. The lockdown is perhaps the closest you’ll come to having a chunk of time and this is when you should embark on your passion project. 

Whether it’s writing a book, starting a YouTube channel, or painting every day for 100 days, start by setting your goal. Next, come up with a timeline and define your milestones. For instance, if you want to write a book, set a goal of writing 1500 words every day – in about a month and a half, you’ll have a 300+ page novel! You should also try finding mentors or other people with similar goals because you can collaborate and build your craft together as well as motivate each other. 

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2. Explore cooking and nutrition

The lockdown has pushed a lot of people into the kitchen for the first time. Whether you’re one of them or are a seasoned cook, cooking every day now is unavoidable. It’s best to see this in a positive light and make the best of it by exploring your favourite dishes and cuisines. But it’s not just about clicking aesthetic pictures for Instagram; it’s also about understanding your body and the nutrition it needs. 

Very few people are aware of the basics of nutrition (such as macronutrients) and how eating a particular food can affect your body. Once you start realising these things, you will be motivated to make healthier changes to your lifestyle. You will quickly notice the positive effects on your body. To delve into such things, you need the time and the inclination, and this could be just it!  

3. Focus on learning and teaching

For any skill you want to learn or any area you want to increase your knowledge in, there are many good resources available online. From free courses offered by well-known universities to videos, webinars, blogs, and more – the world wide web is your oyster. Whether it’s signing up for a digital marketing course or learning how to code, you have a large number of options. 

While we will always be lifelong students in the school of life, there are a lot of skills and knowledge you already possess that can be of help to others. So, in addition to learning online, also look at teaching online. There are many platforms and organisations that scout for professionals in different fields to mentor and teach students. Alternatively, you can hold webinars or post videos to circulate within your network. 

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4. Indulge in hobbies and interests

When working from home, it’s essential to balance all the stress and work with fun activities. Reading, painting, singing, dancing, etc. are some popular hobbies. But your interests could be more niche, such as knitting, making playlists for different moods, watching black-and-white movies, learning a new language such as French or Korean, etc. Anything that makes you feel lighter and keeps you entertained qualifies as a hobby or interest. 

Setting aside some time every day – maybe after work or once you’re done with dinner – to indulge in your hobby can serve as an incentive to get you through the day and give you something fun to look forward to. It can also help you kick back and take a breather, which is all the important when there is a global pandemic going on. 

5. Involve your family 

Working from home also means having to look after your family and spending time with them – whether it’s your partner, children, or parents. Developing your skills and working on your passion projects shouldn’t make it feel like you’re not able to spend time with your loved ones. Hence, it’s best to involve them in whatever way possible. 

For instance, if you’re an artist and are trying to paint regularly, see if your kids are interested in painting too. Children are often inclined to creative pursuits. If yours are, you can let them finger-paint or colour next to you. This works just as well with cooking and baking – in fact, time spent together in the kitchen is a great time to bond.

There’s a lot to learn and a lot to do and it’s all very exciting – but remember to balance it out. If you start with too many things, you may feel exhausted or bored by it all in a week or two, and you may feel tempted to not continue. To avoid that, start small and have fun.  Look at these 7 Fun ways to keep your children engaged during the lockdown.  


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