Are you finding it difficult to work while managing your home? These time management tips can help you find the right balance.

5 Time management tips for lady bosses

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major setback for working women, with the heavy burden of household and caregiving responsibilities falling almost entirely on them. And women everywhere are having a tough time keeping up with work and familial obligations. As a result, they are now feeling more pressured, exhausted, and burned out, which has not been great for their professional growth.

Finding a balance between all obligations is crucial. So, we've compiled a list of time management tips to help women feel more comfortable managing their time between the office and home. 

1. Wake up early and plan your day

Early rising is a very underrated habit, but it can be quite beneficial for working women. A night of sound sleep and fresh mornings ensures that your mind stays fresh throughout the day, and you can focus better on your tasks.

Having time in the morning is also necessary so that you can plan out your day in peace. Planning and prioritising tasks go a long way in maintaining a healthy work-life balance. So, make a list of all your tasks and set a deadline for each of them to keep you on track through the day. However, this doesn't mean that you compromise on eight hours of sleep.

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2. Strictly define your work hours

Although working from home typically allows employees to take a flexible approach, setting strict work hours can be beneficial. During this time, focus solely on your work without letting other tasks come in the way. To do this successfully, you need to let your family (especially kids) know that you won’t be available during that time.

You can design activities to keep your children busy during your work hours or ask someone else to help you take care of them during the day. But do not let their demands affect your work schedule.

3. Make self-care a priority

Women need to break free from the image of always being the self-sacrificing members of the household. Self-care is crucial for everyone, whatever your age or gender. Make sure that you do not stress too much; give yourself enough time to unwind.

Here are a few self-care tips for the ever-so-busy woman:

  • Take frequent breaks
  • Practise eye exercises
  • Get up every once in a while and take a stroll around the room
  • Stay hydrated at all times
  • Do not force yourself to work if your body doesn't cooperate
  • Try to get some fresh air periodically
  • Make time for hobbies such as dancing, singing, cooking, etc.
  • Organise your workspace

Instead of working from your bed or your couch, make a proper space for your working hours. It will help if you set aside a room or a corner exclusively for your office work. Organise the space in such a way that it looks similar to your actual office. Say, by fixing a permanent place for your laptop, putting up charts or schedules, getting a table clock, or sticking some post-its on the wall.

Ensure that all office-related work is done exclusively in this area, including work calls. If your office allows you to stock up on snacks and beverages, do that too!

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4. Set a time limit for chores

When it comes to household chores or other familial obligations, set up strict hours for those too. Decide beforehand how much time you will spend on a particular task - cooking, for instance - and at what time you should be done with it.

When you make a clear schedule for yourself, you will know exactly how much time needs to be devoted to specific activities. As a result, you will try to complete tasks earlier to enjoy some free minutes in between.

Do not limit this activity to household duties; include social media too. It is imperative to restrict how much time you’re spending on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and the like.

5. Have a backup plan for emergencies

A plan is never complete without backup options. You never know when you might have to deal with an urgent situation at work or in your home.

If something tricky comes up at work, ensure that other family members or helpers can cover for you while you get through the task. Conversely, if you have a home situation that needs urgent attention, ask someone at work to cover for you.

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Last words

Time management is a tricky business. As the pandemic forced everyone into a work-from-home setup, the lines between work and personal space began to blur. The situation was worse for women, as they were saddled with too many responsibilities simultaneously.

These tips have been curated to help women manage their time more effectively so that they do not feel exhausted or overburdened managing work and family obligations.