Did you know that your favourite pastime can provide you a host of financial and health benefits?

5 Hobbies you can turn into assets for long-term benefits

When you were younger, a hobby – such as swimming, drawing, singing, or karate – was a means of escape from constant studying. As an adult, do they sometimes feel like a luxury? Do you ever feel guilty while indulging in a hobby, as if you’re wasting time by including them in your busy schedule? Or are you simply unable to include a hobby into your routine? 

It’s time to take charge because indulging in the following hobbies is like building assets for your long-term physical, financial, and mental health.

1. Fitness for physical health 

Being fit helps you be rich in the truest sense – health-wise. It keeps illnesses away, lowers your medical costs, makes your career last longer, and helps you deal with stress effectively. If you think of physical activity like exercise, you’re going to think of it as tedious and not do it routinely. Instead, to truly make a physical activity a hobby, think about your personality, lifestyle, and preferences. 

Maybe you’re not a gym person but you take delight in nature. In such a case, a run or jog at your local park would suit you better. Perhaps you’ve always loved action movies and would find a class in martial arts interesting. If you’ve always thought of yourself as a spiritual soul, you could do yoga for its holistic benefits. 

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2. Skill for a second income stream

Ask any personal finance expert, and they will emphasise on the importance of diversifying your source of income. Relying solely on your 9-to-5 job is never prudent, and learning a skill that is unrelated to your current job role will not only feel like a breather but will also help add a second stream of income. 

It’s crucial that you pick something you’re genuinely interested in because learning a new skill is a long-term commitment. For instance, if you start learning a foreign language like German or Japanese, you will need to practice daily for at least six months before you gain any grasp over the language. But over time, this will become a marketable and unique skill to add to your profile. 

3. Creativity for productivity

Human beings are inherently creative – since the Stone Age, people have had to be creative and innovate constantly. However, over time some false notions have developed – such as the belief that that only a few are creative, or that you should indulge in a creative activity like painting or writing only if you’re good at it.

Spending a few hours every week doing something creative has a host of benefits, such as keeping one’s mind sharp. It helps increase your overall productivity, allows you to think out of the box, and come up with innovative solutions at work. 

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4. Socialising for mental health 

Human beings are social animals. Being overworked to a point that you don’t have time to be with family or friends can be detrimental to your well-being. Social media and texting do not count as socialising; in fact, they have effects that are more negative than positive. 

Find some time daily to interact with your loved ones. It can be a post-dinner walk with your spouse, a conversation with your kids every morning at breakfast, or a phone call with your friend on your way to work. Make sure to talk about things beyond work and school. 

Discuss ideas, emotions, current events, etc. This will help you feel loved, as if you belong and have a support system, thereby improving your mental health. 

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5. Communication for people skills

Developing strong communication skills does a world of good, both personally and professionally. Make it a point to indulge in an activity that builds your written or verbal communication skills. Whether it’s participating in book-reading sessions, joining a wine appreciation club, or performing stand-up comedy, do something that puts you onstage. 

Putting yourself in the public eye will improve your confidence, enhance your personality, and change the way you carry yourself. You’ll see the benefits of better communication skills at work in terms of more opportunities, promotions, and better networking. 

The key to indulging in any hobby regularly is to truly enjoy it. Think of the pure joy kids experience when they finger-paint or build sandcastles on the beach. That’s the kind of absolute bliss you must feel when indulging in an activity that you have chosen to incorporate into your daily life. Check these 5 social networking group every woman should join. 


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