Women, especially the ones in their golden years often get stressed and forget to be happy. This article will guide them about how they can reduce stress and be happy.

5 Delightfully simple ways to reduce stress during retirement

Women, especially those in their golden years often get stressed and forget to be happy. Happiness is an elusive goal if you are constantly stressed. Each one of us strives to be happy. However, women are often entrusted with the tough task of balancing everything. Such expectations and responsibilities lead to a tremendous amount of stress. A study conducted by the UK Government agency Health and Safety Executive revealed that women were 1.4 times more susceptible to stress, depression and anxiety. The stress gets carried forward right up to the golden years of a woman’s life. Therefore, it is necessary to first identify what factors provoke stress which in turn will help devise measures to reduce the levels of stress in a woman’s life. Women need to make themselves a priority and take care of their overall wellbeing to lead a stressfree and content life.

Here are 5 easy ways will help you reduce stress and be happy during retirement. 

1. Eat Good to Feel Good  

A wholesome and balanced diet is excellent for your wellbeing. Women spend their lives caring for everyone in the family. Everyone else’s health and happiness is a priority for a woman. Women take it upon themselves to ensure that everyone achieves their dreams and remains healthy while doing so. However, more often than not a lot of women completely neglect their own health. One of the major reasons for women to be negligent about their own health is a bad diet. An ill-planned diet or a lop-sided food intake can create health issues which lead to a lot of stress. To eat good food is an easy task. Just make yourself a priority and create a plan based on your needs and other health parameters. 

The World Health Organisation has given alarming figures of accelerated bone loss in older women. Women suffer 80% of hip fractures; their lifetime risk for osteoporotic fractures is at least 30%, and probably closer to 40%. Contrastingly, the risk is only 13% for men. It is a great idea to visit the local farmer’s market and select fresh produce. Many gynaecological complications heal faster with an increase in the intake of vegetables and salads.

Pro tip: A well-balanced diet full of vegetables, fruits, dry fruits and some amount of meat will keep your body weight normal help your brain stay active. It feels rejuvenating to be personally involved in whipping up a delectable spread as it rapidly reduces stress. A conscious decision to redesign your diet and follow it through with consistency can help you not only reduce stress but will keep a lot of health problems at bay.

2. Get Moving to Beat the Blues 

Women slip into a sedentary lifestyle because of the fatigue caused by a demanding schedule. However, being sedentary creates lethargy and depressed mood. This propels one to consume pills as a quick fix to shoring up one's state of mind. Such dependence on pills and inertia to move can lead to very serious health issues. The vicious cycle of sedentary lifestyle leading to stress can be easily stopped by exercising regularly. Seek professional help to design a perfect exercise plan based on your needs and medical parameters. The benefits of exercising regularly are many.

Physical health and psychological well-being are among the key factors of quality of life. Physical activities that improve muscular strength, endurance, and flexibility also improve the ability to perform the tasks of daily living. For example, strength training can cause substantial improvements in muscle size and strength in elderly men and women. Regular physical exercise improves all bodily functions.

Pro tip: A morning or evening walk for at least 3-4 days in a week will give a much-needed boost to your body and mind. Exercise helps maintain healthy blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Exercise also reduces stress and activates the brain to release endorphins and dopamine which can uplift one's mood to help build mental wellbeing over a period of time. A comprehensive schedule of regular exercise makes a positive difference to the level of overall efficiency of a woman as she ages.

3. Sound Financial Planning for Retirement 

Women manage every role, responsibility and job wonderfully well. However, many women let their personal financial situation suffer as they get older. During the golden phase of their life, women often grapple with a financial crisis. This necessarily leads to a lot of stress and trauma.

How do you reduce stress during retirement?

It is crucial to identify this widespread stress-giver and address it as early as one can. Not having sufficient investment knowledge leads to a lack of financial planning. This can create an unprecedented amount of stress for women after retirement. Therefore, sound financial planning is the key to reduce stress and be happy. 

4. Rekindle Old Friendships with Social Networking 

For any woman, growing older must mean wiser and stronger. Your older age need not slow you down. The best and easiest way to reduce stress is to rekindle old friendships and create a vibrant social network. Women get so busy with their responsibilities that they cut themselves off from old friends, hobbies and creative pursuits. Picking up a new hobby or following through an old passion can keep women in good stead even during or after retirement. Creative pursuits are an assured way to feel energetic and happy. It is a fantastic idea to rekindle old friendships and start a new hobby or travel to new places. Social networking continues to grow in popularity for older adults. Six out of ten internet users aged 50-64 are social networking site users, as are 43% of those ages 65 and older.

Pro tip: Older women can create a network of like-minded people through social media. It is a refreshingly fast and easy tool to help you stay connected. Socialising in the right way instantly reduces stress. 

5. Healing, Relaxing and Meditating for Happiness

As women get older, it is imperative to engage in activities that calm down your mind. A retreat for meditation and regular practice of yoga is immensely beneficial for your mental health. A healthy mind and a healthy body depend on each other. A stressful life damages your mind and body. Stress takes away mental peace and makes you feel burdened. Therefore, it is important to reduce getting entangled in situations that create stress. You can learn the easy technique of deep-breathing to relax your mind.

Studies: In a review of 17 studies published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researchers reported significant reductions in blood pressure for interventions incorporating three basic elements of yoga practice: postures, meditation, and breathing. Researchers speculate that the slow, controlled breathing inherent in yoga practice decreases nervous system activity, which helps manage blood pressure levels Practicing yoga, mindfulness and meditations can almost entirely ease your stress. 

Last words

Women need to be more aware of their own mental and physical wellbeing. As women get older, they must reduce stress and lead a happy life. It is important to ensure that a woman has a relaxed mind, a healthy body and financial security. Also, men and women retire differently, see how and why? The pointers and suggestions given in this article will encourage senior women to make themselves a priority in the golden years of their life.