These personal finance books by women authors are a must-read for your personal finance journey.

5 Best personal finance books by women that are a must-read

Leading author J K Rowling once said: “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a good book.” 

She is not wrong. Books are a storehouse of information, knowledge, and entertainment. When it comes to managing your money, personal finance books can point you in the right direction while you embark on your financial planning journey.

In the personal finance genre, many women authors have written simple yet effective finance books that say a lot about managing your finances. Here are five of the best personal finance books by women authors that you can’t afford to miss: 

1. Clever Girl Finance: Learn How Investing Works, Grow Your Money

Written by Bola Sokunbi, this book talks about the fundamentals of personal finance in a no-nonsense way. You learn about the basics of investing, the benefits of long-term investing even on a modest income, common mistakes to avoid, and insights from real-life success stories.

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2. On My Own Two Feet: A Modern Girl’s Guide to Personal Finance

Authored by Manisha Thakor and Sharon Kedar, this book is a guide on personal finance, as is evident from the name. It helps you learn the basics of managing your money so that your money works for you and gives you financial security. It teaches women how they can stand on their own two feet by achieving financial freedom.

3. Get Good with Money: Ten Simple Steps to Becoming Financially Whole

Tiffany ‘the Budgetnista’ Aliche outlines a ten-step plan to help you become financially secure. Whether you are struggling with your finances or you think you are financially healthy, the book can give you important insights on how to manage your finances effectively.

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4. Zero Debt: The Ultimate Guide to Financial Freedom

The title itself catches your attention as it addresses a very commonly-faced issue: the debt trap. Written by Lynette Khalfani-Cox, the book offers tips for dealing with debt - that too in a short time. A must-read if you owe money, Zero Debt just might save you from an impending debt trap.

5. When She Makes More: 10 Rules for Breadwinning Women

Finding a female breadwinner is a rarity but not an impossibility. Building a premise from this, Farnoosh Torabi helps women navigate their personal and financial life when they are the main earner of the family. The book teaches how such women can be happy and peaceful at home, at their workplace, and also in their social circles.

Pick up one or more of these books and get insightful and helpful personal finance tips. Such tips can guide you towards financial success and let you emerge a winner.