Pursuing a hobby is not only fun and a great way to rejuvenate, but gives a sense of purpose. Here are a few things you should give a shot.

10 Inexpensive hobbies that can spice up your life

The women of today are urban warriors, juggling multiple responsibilities at home and work with very little time to just sit down and kick back. However, for your own physical and mental well-being, it is important to make some time for yourself. 

Let loose, relax, introspect or just unwind after a gruelling day.

Here is a list of 10 activities that could be worth your while:

1. Reading

Reading can be educational and entertaining. You can explore realms of creative literature, all while being tucked into your bean bag. Voracious readers can look to rent books from the library or explore free or discounted material available on a digital medium such as Kindle.

2. Hiking/Biking

If you love nature or have a keen interest to explore your surroundings, hiking and/or biking is a great way to get some fresh air and perspective. All you need is a good pair of boots and a rented bicycle. Public transport can get you pretty close to your destination, while your enthusiasm fuels the rest of the journey.

3. Gardening

There is no greater joy than watching your efforts fructify – literally. Getting your hands dirty has been known to increase levels of serotonin and reduce stress. Take your pick from pretty flowering plants to utilitarian veggies. You don’t need a massive backyard or balcony. Even a well-lit window sill gets the job done.

4. Painting

You will need to invest once in art supplies, after which the world is your canvas. Drawing and painting help calm anxiety and acts as an emotional release. It helps keep the mind sharp through conceptual visualisation and implementation. As an added bonus, you can always gift your masterpiece to others and save a few bucks in the process.

5. Photography

Photography is all about perspective. You don’t need a fancy DSLR or exotic locations. The modern high-resolution smartphone camera packs more than a punch, with free editing software and apps available that could make you the next Instagram star.

6. Pick up an instrument

Channel your inner Mozart or vent with Metallica. Pick an instrument that you feel drawn to and give it some time. Music not only helps calm the soul, but also sharpens the mind and enhances multi-tasking skills. You can borrow an instrument, to begin with, or look for giveaway/second-hand options across C2C websites.

7. Learn a language

Learning a new language can open doors to a whole new world of culture and philosophy. It improves critical thinking and makes us better listeners. It can be a wonderful asset when looking to travel abroad or even as an addition to your resume. A host of free websites and e-learning apps allow you to take up a new tongue at a place and pace of your liking.

8. Dancing

Dancing is one of the innate human traits worth exploring. It doesn’t matter if you have a left foot or two. Just let your hair down on your favourite tracks and watch the stress and kilos burn away. Join a local dance class and share your joy with other like-minded people.

9. Baking

The smell of freshly baked goods will literally make you the ‘toast’ of the neighbourhood. You can start with biscuits, slices of bread and work your way up to pies and fancy cakes. The hobby offers organic and healthier culinary options for you and your loved ones to enjoy. 

10. Contests and giveaways

Wouldn’t you like to get a free makeover or get your hands on the latest smartphone, for free! As a part of marketing strategy, many businesses are directly looking to engage with customers on social media. They use product/service-related trivia, photos, captions etc. to spread awareness while rewarding participants. If you actively tune into social media platforms, your quick and witty responses could earn you discount coupons, freebies and chance to meet celebrities.

In closing

There are tonnes of hobbies out there, so feel free to experiment with as many as you like before you zero in. It is important to go for something that adds value to self or sparks off happiness in your heart rather than pursuing something that seems cool. Finding the right hobby could help you revitalise, improve self-worth and make you a much happier person. Here's how you turn your hobby into a career.


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