This is how I took charge of my finances
Mr. A. Sarma
Retired Government Employee

Having retired more than a decade ago, I often look back at the investment choices I have made in my life. Times were much simpler when I started out as a government employee. Risk-free saving schemes were far more rewarding and there were not many options to choose from while investing. I had invested small amounts in the national saving certificate scheme early on in my professional life. They used to double in five years back then and I just used to reinvest the amount that matured after five years. So by the time I retired after 40 years of service, I had reinvested in my NSCs eight times. This meant that even a 1000 rupee certificate turned into 2,68,000 through repeated reinvestments!

During these four decades, the value of land increased many times more than those NSCs. So did I miss out on the nation’s growth by playing it safe? Should I have diversified a bit more, albeit within the limited options available? It’s for you to decide. As for me, I am not complaining about the return that I got, as it covers my retired life well and truly.

How I did it

Kunal and Nita
Software Professionals

We are a family of five, with two kids and my mother who takes care of the house. Nita and I are both software professionals. Initially, with the kids, we found our expenses spiralling and were not left with anything to save or plan for our future. 

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Vaishali Pednekar

I believe life is too short to not to indulge in things that make you happy and I love myself some retail therapy. However, I found myself in a financial disarray a couple of years ago. Sometimes I was overspending and falling short on my bills, but mostly it was just poor planning.

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Payal Singh
Media Professional

I have just started working as a journalist. Though as a newbie my salary is not a lot, I still make it a point to save. My parents are middle-class salaried people who have built a great life by saving small amounts for years. They have taught me the importance of saving. With the help of my… Read more

Mukesh Keswani

I run my own fabric business. I have recently bought a house and a car. So I have large sums of money going into EMIs. This makes it even more important to have a tight hold on my finances. I have kept both EMIs on auto debit on the 10th and 25th of the month. This way it does not put undue… Read more