This is how I took charge of my finances
Shopaholic turned Entrepreneur

“Queen of Sarojini Nagar Market”, my friend would mock me for my shopping exploits. I always thought the nickname was unfair, although I didn’t complain. Because why only SN, I was the past master of shopping in entire sadddi Delhi – be it flea markets or malls, hidden bazaars or wholesale mandis. But the downside of shopping is that you need a place to store what you buy. And soon I was running out of wardrobe space and was buying a chest of drawers just to fit in my new buys. I had no track of the money that went into it, so I didn’t bother too much into what I was losing out in terms of money. Sahi rate was all that mattered.

However, in one moment of inspiration, it stuck to me that my days as shopaholic has blessed me with immense experience and knowledge of apparels and fashion. I used all my contacts in Delhi and my years of shopping experience to hand pick curated items of fashion and thus came into existence my very own cloth store. Now I mostly shop for others and get paid for it! I have successfully monetised my one-time addiction and while doing so, I have steered the flow of money in my favour. And hey, I charge the “sahi” rate, of course.

How I did it

Kunal and Nita
Software Professionals

We are a family of five, with two kids and my mother who takes care of the house. Nita and I are both software professionals. Initially, with the kids, we found our expenses spiralling and were not left with anything to save or plan for our future. 

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Vaishali Pednekar

I believe life is too short to not to indulge in things that make you happy and I love myself some retail therapy. However, I found myself in a financial disarray a couple of years ago. Sometimes I was overspending and falling short on my bills, but mostly it was just poor planning.

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Payal Singh
Media Professional

I have just started working as a journalist. Though as a newbie my salary is not a lot, I still make it a point to save. My parents are middle-class salaried people who have built a great life by saving small amounts for years. They have taught me the importance of saving. With the help of my… Read more

Mukesh Keswani

I run my own fabric business. I have recently bought a house and a car. So I have large sums of money going into EMIs. This makes it even more important to have a tight hold on my finances. I have kept both EMIs on auto debit on the 10th and 25th of the month. This way it does not put undue… Read more