How I started planning for my startup
Nisha Tanwar
Sales Manager

Ever since I was a college goer, I was keen on starting my own business. Most of my childhood friends were Gujaratis and Marwaris and I was heavily influenced by their communities’ belief about creating jobs rather than taking up a job.  Being from a non-business background, I was aware that I may neither have family support nor funds to start something immediately after college. Therefore I decided that I will spend a few years convincing my family as well as saving a corpus.

In Jan 2018, I started with a new job. I started by saving Rs 5000 every month in fixed deposits. However, in September 2018, one of my friends advised me to invest in mutual funds if my goal was at least five years away.

I calculated the returns I can earn through fixed deposits and mutual funds and realised that the latter would offer substantially higher returns. Therefore I have started my investment journey and am looking forward to stepping up my SIPs every year. This will enable me to create a handsome corpus for my venture.

How I did it

Corporate Executive

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Sales Manager

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Financial Specialist

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