How I planned my finances and diversified my investments
Saurabh Mehta

Exploring investment avenues and watching my portfolio grow is a hobby, and one that pays quite well. Numbers have always been my thing and I’m a Chartered Accountant with 15 years of experience.

I have a goal sheet that lists all my financial objectives and I set a time frame for each goal. I have another budget sheet that accounts for all my expenses and how I plan on prioritising and allocating funds for different goals.

It is important to understand one’s risk appetite vis-à-vis investment options. I have a good understanding of financial products and would consider myself risk-savvy. This helps me identify different investment products for my needs.

In my early days, I focused on capital-conserving investment options such as term deposits, triple-A rated corporate bonds, and fixed maturity plans. I staggered these investments in such a way that I was receiving a payout every couple of months.

The initial interest income helped me set up a healthcare and insurance plan for myself and my parents. The surplus from debt investments was reinvested in a large-cap stock.

I identified the top stock across eight different sectors and periodically increased exposure based on market performance. This was to fast-track myself to an early retirement.

My patience paid off. Over time I have diversified into the US stock market and I’ve been building a portfolio there. Though returns are modest compared to India, the depreciating rupee provides a good arbitrage opportunity.

My goal sheet is constantly a work in progress and I revisit it on the first Sunday of every quarter over a cup of coffee. I relook my goals, readjust my budget sheet, update all my investment portfolios, and check if risk allocation has to be realigned or any investments moved around.

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Saurabh Mehta

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