How I managed my money?
Financial Specialist

I had started working four years ago. I would like to believe that I am still in that age bracket where people earn to spend and not necessarily save. However, there have been occasions where I have genuinely regretted spending on something and often pondered what would have become of the money if I had saved it instead. But somehow, I can’t imagine sipping a drink with my friends in a city pub and talking about post office recurring deposits. Savings just isn’t cool. Nevertheless, I set myself a savings goal, just for kicks you know! Just a realistic looking figure to target at the end of the year, and then break it up month wise. But wait, it’s not just about funnelling a portion of my monthly income. I made sure that I develop at least some habits that will help me actually save money. I quit committing to new expenses impulsively. No more paid streaming services that I don’t have time to watch, so I chose between Netflix, Prime, Hotstar etc. I have started asking myself and the person in front of me, am I being offered the best price? Exorbitant mobile phone plan, off you go! I have a designated savings account that I don’t plan to use for expenditures any time soon. 

How I did it

Praveen Nair

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Swati Mehra

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Rohansh Pathak

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Rahila Khan

I am a single mother of one. I lost my husband just 5 years into my marriage. Life has been a struggle for me, but I have managed it and today I have no complaints. 

I was a young widow with a 3 year old son when my husband passed away due to a heart attack. My parents were my rock… Read more