It is important to plan a wedding smartly so that you don't end up with a lot of debt

A step-by-step guide to planning your wedding on a budget

A wedding can be a costly affair but only if you let it be. While you must be thinking of spending all your life’s savings on your wedding, there also a smart way to do it – planning a wedding on a small budget. Some small changes in the plan can help you save a lot of money.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to plan an Indian wedding on a small budget:

Be your planner

A wedding planner takes the whole responsibility of arranging your wedding, but he/she also charges a hefty fee. So, instead of hiring a wedding planner ask your family, friends and relatives to help you out. Divide tasks among them - someone can take care of the food while another person can book tickets for guests. This way, you’ll save on the wedding planner’s fee and enjoy the experience of arranging the wedding with your loved ones.

Planning your wedding budget? Shop off-season

You must have observed how the prices of air-conditioners increase drastically during summer. This logic applies to the wedding season, too. If you do the wedding shopping during November, December, January and February, it would cost you a lot more. Hence, be smart and shop for dresses, jewellery (especially gold), accessories etc. during the off-season.

Book in advance for a wedding on a budget

This step can especially be helpful if your wedding is set to take place during the wedding season. Around this time, everything – planes, trains, hotels - would be filled, thus increasing the prices too. You can save a lot by booking the venue, hotel, caterer, parlour, card-printer in advance. This step would always ensure that you don’t keep these things for the last-minute and your weddings on a budget as planned.

Make it a short affair

A typical Indian wedding involves a whole week of pre- and post-wedding celebrations like sangeet, mehendi, ring ceremony etc. Holding one celebration each day extends the guests’ stay thereby adding to the already long-list of existing wedding costs. Hence, for planning a wedding on a small budget, you can organise two or more functions in a day and ensure that it doesn’t weigh heavily on your pockets.


Don’t book the first person you meet. Explore other options and check whether they are giving the same quality at a lesser cost. You can also seek the help of people you know and those who have had an experience of arranging a wedding. Here, contacts can also help you get better deals. Hence, be smart and compare before you make a decision.  

Ask for help

What seems to be a small cost to you now like – photography, music, wedding cards, parlour - can make a lot of difference to your wedding on a budget. Hence, don’t feel shy to ask your friends, family and relatives for help. There might be a budding photographer, a fairly good DJ, a talented make-up girl among them. This way, you not only avoid these costs in planning your wedding budget but also create wonderful memories of ‘who-did-what-at-my wedding’. What’s more, everyone would be more than willing to showcase their talents and save the day for you.


Be money smart so that you do not spend all your hard-earned money on your wedding. Hence, follow the above-mentioned steps to have a memorable wedding on a budget.

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