From bachelor pads to family homes, here is a list of quick and economic DIY tips to renovate any type of home.

Quick DIY home renovation tips on a budget

How many times have we stalked celebrity mansions, zooming and panning into the interior details wishing to replicate the expensive décor? Too many times!

Home renovations and remodelling are an expensive affair, and not everyone can afford to hire professional help. Which is why we’ve rounded up some easy home renovation ideas that you can do yourself. From sprucing up the walls to adding small-but-significant items, here’s a list of ideas to give your home a facelift.

Splash some colours

Those sleek creaseless walls may look elegant but the amateur brush strokes look raw and artistic too. Get hold of a few cans of your favourite colours and paint your house the way you want to. Or simply get some wall decals and posters – right from your all-time favourite movie posters to that of cricketers you idolise – these exhibit a part of your identity and personalise your living space.

Create a space for your books

The right bookshelf immediately enhances the look of your room. Create a mini library with a bookshelf or really turn it into a conversation starter by choosing bookcases in different designs. Keep an eye out on online market places, where you may luck out and find a fantastic second-hand piece. Or why not just build one yourself? You’d take a lot more pride in showing off something you build from scratch.

Jazz up your headboard

The headboard is often a neglected item in the room. Get some fairy lights and hook some pictures to not just showcase memories but also turn your headboard into the centre of attraction. Want to decorate your headboard for dirt-cheap? Get a bundle of different coloured sticky notes, write quotes or doodle on it and slap it on the headboard.

Add a touch of opulence with a tufted bench

For a small investment, you can buy a tufted bench that instantly imparts a regal look. Plus, these are actually functional, as you get extra seating space. If you can find your way around wood, you can even build one yourself.

Add quirky décor to the porch

Your porch or front door is not just the entry to your home but it also gives visitors a sneak-peek into your life. From vintage bulbs and lanterns to hanging colourful kettles, bells, or terrariums at the entrance, a lot of these small inclusions can completely change the entrance area. And these can be easily done at home and at quite an economic rate, all you need is some inspiration.

Change the mood with the right lighting

Want to create a warm ambience with yellow lights or bring out those jazzy disco balls for house party weekends? The right set of lighting drastically changes the vibe of your home. Why not use cellophane papers of different colours to wrap bulbs and hang them across your home or hand-paint lamps and place them at the corners?

Revamp closet doors

Say goodbye to boring plain wardrobe doors by covering them with mirrors surrounded by lighting that also helps in clicking great pictures, or paint on them in contrasting colours. If you’re not artistically inclined, simply cover them with smaller décor items or tie-dye clothes.

Change the toiletry case

Aren’t panda-shaped shampoo dispensers cute? The next time you’re at the flea market or the local store, don’t forget to pick toiletry cases that can give your bathrooms a new look.

Throw some shade with the right curtains

The easiest way to change the look of your home is by shopping for some new curtains. Add a touch of elegance with pleat curtains or go bold with dark, black ones and up the ante of your bachelor pad through this cheap-but-effective idea.

Go green

Plants are a great inclusion for every home and they carry fantastic health benefits too. Create a separate garden area where you can organically grow your own veggies or hang/place bonsai plants in your room, the dining table, the kitchen counter, and about anywhere else that you see fit.

Your home is more than just four secured walls. Make it an extension of your identity with our affordable home renovation tips that you can easily do it yourself.