Women have often been thought of as being too emotional while making car-buying decisions. These tips will tell you how to solve this problem.

Car buying tips for every woman who wants her own set of wheels

Buying a car is a big decision that can be overwhelming and time-consuming. Choosing from different models, picking the right engine and features, negotiating the cost and finally buying it, may seem like a long and frustrating process; but it really does not have to be. These tips and tricks can ensure your buying process goes smoothly.

1. Know What You Want: 

It is always advisable to enter a car dealership knowing what you want. Even if you have not done detailed research, knowing basic factors such as the type of car and the features you want, is a must.

However, remember, salespersons often use colorful terms to sell cars; so, don’t get carried away with them. These additional features come at an additional cost and may not be entirely useful to you. Equipping yourself will all the necessary information can make it easier to make a choice.  

2. Find Out What’s Inside: 


Since you are going to own a car, it might be beneficial to understand the mechanics of the car. You obviously may not be able to learn it all in a day or two, so consider asking an expert to accompany you when buying your car. This way, even if you get lost in conversation, there will be someone to guide you. 

Getting an independent inspection by a known mechanic is especially important if you are buying a used car.

3. Check Online and Multiple Dealers: 

Whether you are buying a new or old car, be sure to get quotes from multiple sellers. It is also advisable to check online car reviews, expert opinions on Youtube and various other platforms such as forums and social media. It may seem like a tedious task, but this way, you will get all the necessary information to make an informed choice. 

Check both, online and brick and mortar stores for the best deals. It is also important that you take a test drive before making a final decision. Also check the documents and your contract carefully before making any payments or signing any papers.

4. Picking the Right Time: 

India celebrates numerous festivals through the year, and these bring various discounts and offers on automobiles. For instance, during Diwali, almost every dealership has something on offer, making it a great time to buy a car.

Buying a car at the end of a month could also work out well. As most salespersons have monthly or quarterly targets to achieve, they could be very willing to negotiate prices.

5. Give Minimal Details: 

Following these simple steps can help you plan your expenditure so that you enjoy the festive season without worrying about going broke.


Tell the salesperson only what is necessary. Even if you are thinking of trading your old car for a new one, do not disclose this information till you have negotiated a deal for your new car. Similarly, other information such as payment options, does not need to be part of the initial conversation, as it could influence the deal you are being offered.

 6. Don’t Hesitate to Walk Away: 

Remember that the car dealership you first walk into is not the only one. If the deal isn’t what you want or even if some factors do not meet your expectations, walk away. Very often, you will be called back to further negotiate. And even if you don’t, there are many other dealerships you could go to.

7. Review the Final Invoice Thoroughly: 

Make sure the price on the final invoice is what you agreed upon. Read the fine print, as well as the items for which you have been charged. A salesperson could add an extended warranty and a few servicing jobs, which will increase your total bill. 

8. Post-sales service

Talk to former customers of the particular company and even look up reviews online to find out about the post-sales services they offer. Look for free service perks for members, distance of the service center from your location, free picks and drops for service etc. If the company''''''''s post-sales service is not good enough, it will cost you time, energy and money.