It is now possible to buy precious jewellery online with just a few clicks. Learn about the platforms that are making it happen

7 best online places to buy jewellery in India

Women’s fascination with the glitter and sparkle of jewels is probably as old as the civilization itself. There is no better gift to woo a woman than a piece of stunning jewellery. Not only does jewellery is a great accessory to light up any occasion, but it is also a significant investment as well.

With all things going online, the jewellery market is witnessing a shift too. While there are a few new players that have disrupted the jewellery industry, age-old jewellery brands are also foraying into the online space.

Here are seven best online portals to buy jewellery in India:

1. CaratLane 

One of the most popular jewellery portals in India, CaratLane was one of the first brands to disrupt the jewellery space by taking it online. CaratLane has built trust by partnering with renowned jewellery brand Tanishq. It’s a large marketplace with over 4,000 vendors. Here you can buy every kind of certified jewellery that catches your fancy. To cater to the touch and feel factor when it comes to an expensive jewellery purchase, CaratLane offers a unique ‘try at home’ feature, wherein consultants come to a customer’s home with jewellery selected so they can try it before buying.

2. Bluestone 

Soon to follow footsteps of CaratLane, Bluestone is another popular online portal that has made its mark in India. It too offers all kinds of jewellery from various sellers across the nation. It offers beautiful certified jewellery, certain to entice any woman. An interesting feature it has is a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products. Bluestone too offers a ‘try at home’ feature. Customers can also get bespoke customised jewellery made on bluestone to mark special occasions in their lives.

3. Titan Company 

From the house of the illustrious Tata Group, Titan is another trustworthy brand that showcases all jewellery brands under the Tata umbrella. This includes Tanishq, Mia, Zoya and the likes. Titan has a wide range of jewellery – right from temple jewellery to extravagant wedding fare to contemporary jewellery for the modern Indian girl. You will also find CaratLane product offerings on this portal thanks to the Tanishq partnership. One can buy certified gold jewellery, diamond jewellery, precious stones jewellery, and more.

4. Velvetcase

Velvetcase is an online marketplace that will quench your thirst for designer jewellery. This portal has partnered with designers across the globe to bring fine jewellery to your doorstep. It has a wide selection of jewellery for every taste – be it modern, classic, traditional or contemporary. While it houses every type of jewellery – gold, silver, precious stones and diamonds, its core expertise seems to be in diamond jewellery. Velvetcase also has offline shops where you can go to try out pieces before you buy them personally. The brand even dies custom jewellery so you can have a one-of-a-kind piece.

5. Candere

Candere is part of the renowned Kalyan Jewellers. Along with housing jewellery from Kalyan Jewellers collections such as Ziah, Glo, Mudhra, Nimah and Sankalp, it had a wide array of contemporary designs for the modern Indian woman. The USP of the brand is the high level of customisation it provides to online shoppers so that they can enjoy bespoke jewellery. It also has quite an affordable range as it wants to break the myth that diamonds are only for the rich and affluent people. 

6. Malabar Gold and Diamonds

Malabar Gold and Diamonds is synonymous with jewellery in India and the rest of the world. The brand has a presence in more than ten countries. It has built enormous trust with its 250 stores. The online store is an extension of the years of brand value Malabar Gold and Diamonds has earned. You can buy gold, diamonds, precious stones jewellery in all kinds of ranges on the online portal. One can also purchase exclusive watches from luxury brands such as Omega, Rado, Tissot, etc. from the online store. 

7. PC Jeweller

PC Jeweller has been a jeweller for generations in India. And now keeping with the times, it has ventured into the online space. Its online stores have a huge collection of gold, diamond, silver and gemstone jewellery, as well as gold coins. It has jewellery for every mood and occasion named Mi Amor, AM to PM, Tattvam, Love Gold, Grecia, and more. PC Jeweller provides same-day delivery for its ready-to-wear pieces. It offers easy returns, free shipping, BIS Hallmark, 100% certified jewellery, lifetime exchange and transparent prices.

Hope this list gives you a fair idea of the options you have when it comes to buying your jewellery online. And with so many proven portals dedicated to buying jewellery, you can zero in on a platform that suits your plan and concentrate on making an amazing line of jewellery collection. Simultaneously, check these gold 5 gold schemes offered by jewellers.