About Savvy Women


Women are now, more than ever before, making their own decisions – from lifestyle choices to career options, and even finance. Savvy Women aims to boost women’s financial position by providing knowledge and tools to help them make smarter financial decisions and achieve a lifetime of financial security.


The inspiration behind the name comes from one of India’s biggest champions of women’s rights – Savitribai Phule, who not only helped open the first girls’ school in Pune but also fought hard to improve the conditions of women during British Raj.


As more women join the workforce and pave their way in the professional and business world, it has become more important than ever for them to hone their money management skills. The website’s main objective is to educate, inform and inspire Indian women, so that they can take control of their finances and make wiser financial decisions.


Savvy Women brings its readers information ranging from stories of successful women to important changes in the finance world that women should know, which will inspire them and help them take control of their finances, and eventually help them build a better future.



About Tomorrow Makers


What we do?


At Tomorrow Makers, we know the world is changing.
We are all living faster, busier, more dynamic lives than ever before, and our needs are evolving as we go along. Too many things are uncertain, and a sense of safety is hard to come by. Parents worry for their children, children worry for their parents, and friends and siblings worry for each other.


In such times, where a lifetime of financial security becomes a continuous pursuit, we empower you to live the life you want; to be able to buy the things that make you happy, to afford to make your children’s dreams come true- be it an Ivy League education or a dream wedding or world travel, and to give your parents and eventually, yourself, the joy of a comfortable retirement.


At every stage of life, we want you to make smarter decisions with your money by being able to confidently answer questions such as:



How it helps you?


Tomorrow Makers is your one-stop destination for everything to do with money management, tax planning, investment, insurance, and the ever-changing world of personal finance.


You can enjoy simple, jargon-free, and concise content in the form of interactive GIFs that offer quick data-led insights, short e-books that bring together the best of the web, calculators, and other DIY financial planning tools that drive your decisions. Our crisp reads in the form of articles and actionable listicles serve as your ready reckoners, while our polls and quizzes help you assess your financial awareness.


“I wasn't really aware of the true cost of education in India. If it wasn't for the Education Calculator, I doubt I would've been able to make the right investments to afford a Post Grad degree for my son” - Deepti Pillai, Mumbai.


“As a newly married woman, I was constantly on the receiving end of financial advice. But the Love and Money E Book was the first resource that truly gave me the confidence to confront my financial insecurities! I guess knowledge really is power!” -  Surbhi Agarwal, Rishikesh.


 “If you've ever tried to get your investment proofs together to save tax, you know how confusing it can be. I found an article from Tomorrow Makers that told me everything I needed to know, in one place. What a Godsend!” - Srinivas S, Bengaluru.


Who we are?


TomorrowMakers™ is a web initiative owned and managed by Transamerica Direct Marketing Consultants Private Limited (TDMC), an Aegon company.