Women today are independent in all aspects, so why rely on anybody else when it comes to finances? The saving journey starts with you.

The money guide for women Effective money saving techniques that make a difference

Earlier, women were given a certain amount of money that they set aside to run the house. The wants of their children, the home-cooked meals and little to no desires for themselves were all managed through this. 

Today, working women also exist alongside those who choose not to. For anything you decide to do, make sure you don’t compromise on your savings. Here are some money-saving tips you should consider. Start saving with these:

1. Make sure you spare your change

When it comes to saving, we automatically assume we must save a lot of money. It never occurs to us that saving up can start as small as saving the spare change. Be it Rs. 10 or Rs. 50 lying in your purse, set it aside at a designated place. The small bits of change can add up over time.

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2. Always have a grocery list

Be it things needed for the kitchen, fresh fruits and vegetables, or anything needed in general - make sure you always carry a list. Your favourite lotion could be offering a huge discount, but do you really need another bottle? Or is there a need to pile up on snacks when there’s plenty of food at home? Being mindful of these small habits can save you money big time.

3. Leave your online shopping cart overnight

So, you love to shop online; we all do. Start by keeping a tab of your online spending. If you are really in the spirit of a shopping spree, consider leaving the items in your shopping cart overnight. Most times, our online shopping experiences are based on impulse. Once you’ve had enough time to think, you will be able to decide better.

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4. Take a weekly money challenge

Inspired by the 52-week money challenge, this method involves saving a certain amount each week. For instance, try saving Rs. 100 the first week, Rs. 200 the second week, and so on. Continue to do this until 52 weeks till you’re left with Rs. 5,200. Continue to do this after a year, eventually getting yourself to save habitually.

5. Sell items you no longer use

From clothes that you no longer wear or do not fit to the treadmill that hasn’t been used in over a year, take a good look around the house and identify things you don’t use or need anymore. You would much rather save up on some money by selling these than hoard them in your storage.

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Last words

Your savings goals don't have to match anybody else's. Your savings plan should be a plan that works best for you. Whether it includes a budgeting app or encourages you to save each month, the important thing is to start saving - today.