Ask grandparents to move in with you, use your office daycare, work flexible hours, and more tips that will help you save money while raising your beautiful babies.

Is childcare costing you big? Here are some simple steps to save money

Childcare is expensive. Period. To add to it, finding someone you can completely trust with your precious little one is almost next to impossible. Thankfully, there are means to ensure your baby gets the best possible care without having to empty your banks.

Here are a few tips on how you can save money as you face the high costs of child care:

1. Take turns to stay at home: You can do this in a few ways. One way to approach this is for the father to take his paternity leave after the mother exhausts her maternity leave. This way one parent will always be with the child in their crucial first months. You both can also ask for flexibility in work timings from your respective workplaces and schedule your time around it. This would mean working on different days of the week.

2. Enlist help of your parents: Grandparents love doting on their grandchildren and there is no one better than them to care and give unconditional love to your children. This is a complete win-win for everyone involved. Ask your parents to move in with you for a few months, if they are retired, this way they can help and share their baby-handling expertise. You can alternate between either set of parents. Not only will it take the load off especially if you are new at parenting, you will also have complete peace of mind that your little munchkin is in the best hands possible. 

3. Leverage your office day care: Nowadays most offices have crèches or daycares to take care of babies and toddlers while their parents work. If such a facility is available to you, utilise it. Bring your child with you to work and pop in whenever you want to check on them and share a few kisses. You can spend lunch hour and any other work breaks so they don’t miss you too much. Being with other kids their age will also help them develop their social and emotional health. 

4. Work different shifts: If possible, work different shifts so your baby grows up in a secure home environment with a parent. For the mom, it is best to work a few hours each day and care for your child. This will ensure you can squeeze in a good few hours of sleep before it starts all over again. The dad can work the work the night shift and pitch in few hours in the day. It won’t be easy, but no one said parenting ever was. But it is doable.

5. Work from home: Check if your workplace allows you to work from home for a few months. If not, find a job that lets you do so. With flexibility the new mantra at all new-age offices, you should be able to find a gig that allows work from home. You can also ask for a work from home assignment, with having to go to office once a week. Your partner can cover for you that one day or you can also enlist a baby sitter for that day. Once a week, getting professional help will make life easier without costing a bomb.

These are just a few options. Figure out what works best for you and your partner. Spend as much as time possible with your baby and watch them grow to be wonderful little humans. Raising a child is tough, but a little planning can make it relatively easier.