Women are an integral part of any household buying decisions. Here’s how they can save money by knowing the right time to buy important things.

save money

Shopping is an art. A smart buyer often bags a lucrative deal or a discount that eludes the rest of us. As women, we have a say in buying decisions for most key items for our homes and our families, so it is important that we remain on the ball when it comes to bargains, deals, and discounts – and know the right time to buy things so they don’t burn a hole in our pockets. 

save money

To save money, one must know which month of the year is off-season and for which item. Here’s how you can boost your shopping-savvy quotient: 

1. Air-conditioners

The price of air-conditioners shoots up in the summer months – May and June. The best time to buy an AC is December or January. In winter many electrical stores offer discounts on ACs and room coolers. You could also wait for occasions such as Navratri or Diwali, when heavy discounts are offered on electrical appliances. You can foresee which items you may need in the future and order them in advance. 

2. Heating appliances 

Just as cooling appliances must be bought in winters, heating appliances (geysers, room heaters, etc.) must be purchased in the summer months. The price of geysers and room heaters are mostly high in December and January, and drop significantly in May and June. 

3. Jewellery

Unless you need jewellery for a specific reason such as a wedding, you should avoid buying it during peak wedding season in the winters, or festive seasons such as Karva Chauth and Diwali. Opting for off-peak midsummer may help you get some awesome discounts.

4. Clothes and accessories

Yes, you can time the shopping of your clothes too! Most fashion brands have a clearance sale twice a year, mostly in January-February and again in July-August. Imagine getting Jimmy Choo footwear priced at Rs.15,000 for just Rs. 7500. That’s a 50% discount! Apart from trendy clothing brands such as Allen Solly and Van Heusen, handbag brands such as Esbeda and Lavie, and jewellery brands such as Asmi and Nakshatra, also come up with incredible discounts.

5. Furniture

For indoor furniture, new styles generally arrive near the beginning of the year and towards the end of summer. So you can get the best bargains by hitting the stores when they are trying to clear older inventories. Shopping experts say June and December are generally the best months to go shopping for furniture.

6. Woollens

Brands like Monte Carlo often publish their summer sale details in newspapers and newspaper inserts. The same pullovers that you would buy at MRP in winter are offered at a substantially lower price in the summer months. Tempting, isn’t it? Same goes for the Louis Phillippe jacket that suddenly becomes more affordable in the off-season. 

7. Automobiles

Cars and bikes often come with attractive discounts in December. This is because the New Year changes the year of purchase, and there’s greater demand for newer models. Hence, to clear stock, many automobile companies offer substantial discounts at the end of the year. 

8. Raincoats and umbrellas 

The demand for raincoats and umbrellas skyrockets in the monsoons, and so does the price. If you buy the same in winter or summer, you will be able to save a big chunk of money. 

9. Festive decorations

Decorative lights for Diwali and Christmas, Christmas trees, etc. may also be purchased two or three months in advance. You may have a tough time finding these, but if you get lucky to snap them up!

To sum up

When it comes to buying essentials for the home, it pays to be prepared. A little prudence will end up saving you a considerable amount of money in the long run. Happy shopping!