As more women travel the world alone, it is important to take necessary steps that can keep them safe and ensure a happy holiday.

Safety tips for women who travel solo

It is said that some journeys in life can only be travelled alone; and this is not just in the metaphysical sense. Occasionally, taking a solo trip can be rejuvenating, for the body, mind and soul. With more women working today and earning their own income, travelling solo has become a popular option. In fact, Holiday IQ, an online agency, estimates that more than 35% of women prefer to travel alone now. Solo business trips are also a part of the job for many working women.

So, whether it’s for business or leisure, here are a few tips that can keep you safe as you travel the globe.

1. Get acquainted with the place beforehand
The first step is to do your research. You might have the impulse to simply land at your destination and let destiny take course. It sounds spontaneous and fun, but don’t let movies colour your judgement.

Before setting out, find out as much as you can about the place you are travelling to. Knowing what to expect, which areas are safe, and which aren’t, can help you take necessary precautions and make better decisions. This is especially crucial if you don’t know the local language.

2. Have a local contact person

Knowing someone from the place you are visiting can make your travel safer. In addition, you can also enjoy places that only locals know about, but are not part of tourist brochures.

However, even if you don’t know a local person, it isn’t too much of a problem. You can always ask staff at the hotel you are staying at for help if you need any. Most hotels are more than willing offer a hand to travellers. Social media has also made the world a smaller place. Often, if you put out a message to your friends on a social network, you can find someone ready to help. But, make sure you absolutely trust your friend’s advice.

3. Get travel insurance

“Do I really need it?” It’s only going to be an additional cost,” is what you might think. It could increase your travel budget. But, getting travel insurance can safeguard you against several things that can go wrong on a trip. Lost luggage, theft, medical emergencies and such unexpected situations can all be financially covered by you travel policy.


Check different travel insurance options available and make sure you read every line before purchasing the policy. It is important that you are well covered under your insurance plan.

4. Keep valuables safely

It might not be wise to walk around unfamiliar places with your valuables on you. So, identify what you need for the day and lock up the rest. Hotels and most hostels provide customers with lockers where they can keep important documents and valuables, without worrying about them getting stolen.

5. Keep in touch with friends or family

No, this doesn’t mean constantly check-in on social media when you visit the Louvre in Paris. It means keeping a family member or friend constantly updated on your whereabouts. It is also a good idea to give them an itinerary of your trip so that they have a general idea of where you might be on a particular day. This way they don’t have to worry about where you may or may not be.

6. Keep your cash handy

Avoid carrying all your money on your person. Keep some hidden away in different bags, if possible. This way, even if you get robbed, you will have some cash in hand to stay afloat until you the local authorities or your contact person can help you.

E-wallets and Forex cards are also hassle-free ways of making payments, as opposed to looking after your cash all the time. One benefit of these payments is that you can track exactly how much you spend during your trip. 

In addition to these steps, making a note of important numbers such as police, ambulance etc. of the place you are travelling to can come in handy. Keep this things in mind and you can enjoy a smooth and relaxing trip no matter where you go.