According to various research, women nowadays are more educated than men, but very few women are relocating abroad for work. There are some countries which are found to be the best for women's careers abroad.

Career advice

Many women now choose to relocate abroad to discover a wealth of benefits, including higher salaries in a broad market. Women can consider relocating to the places mentioned below to get various career opportunities. 

  • Czechia Republic

The best place in the world for women to work is the Czechia Republic. In the nation, 83% of women are content with their jobs, which is 11% greater proportion than for males. Additionally, female migrants in the country regularly rate their employment prospects higher than those of male expats. 

  • Bahrain 

Bahrain consistently offers above-average outcomes, as 66% of female immigrants are satisfied with their professional possibilities. The same can be said for their work-life balance, with 76% of Bahraini female expats. 

  • Taiwan 

Based on women's better contentment with their working time and career opportunities, Taiwan is recognized as the third-best country for women seeking work abroad. 

  • Norway 

In Norway, foreign women regard their work time highly, and 86% are satisfied with it. Norwegian women work 41.4 hours a week full-time on average. The Nordic nations are renowned as some of the best places for women to live. 

  • Denmark 

Denmark has the highest score for maintaining a work-life balance, and a half (54%) of foreign-born women living in Denmark are delighted with their working time. The low number of full-time hours worked on average each week, 38.4hours could be the reason for women's contentment. 

  • Luxembourg 

Luxembourg, a small but luxurious European nation, is ranked sixth among the finest countries to work abroad. 76% of female migrant workers in Luxembourg say their current salaries are higher than they would be paid in a comparable position back home.

  • New Zealand 

Nearly 80% of female expats are delighted with their work-life balance, contrasted to 60% of women working globally, indicating that this aspect significantly affects how satisfied women are with their careers in New Zealand. 

  • Netherland 

The Netherlands notably provides excellent work-life balance, with 73% of women satisfied with the corresponding attribute. In addition, 92% are happy with the state of the economy, in comparison to 64% of women globally. 

  • Malta

58% of female immigrants in Malta are happy with their professional possibilities, indicating that relocating there is suitable for women's careers. Even though it scores the lowest grade for career opportunities, it rates more significantly than the average globally. 

  • Australia 

Australia appears to be a terrific nation for both female and male immigrants, with both groups expressing similar levels of satisfaction with their job stability, work-life balance, and career opportunities. 

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Final words 

Women can safeguard their careers by relocating to abroad to the best places to work for Indian women and women from other regions.

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