Why let a night of fun drinking turn into a disaster? Follow these simple tips and tricks to ensure safety while having a good time with your friends.

 7 Things to look out for at all times when you go out with your friends

For a social person visiting friends in another city or an entirely new city, one of the foremost attractions will be the club or pub hopping scene. It is a great way to let your hair down for the night and experience the city's night culture.

However, it is imperative to understand that drinking responsibly, while bearing one's safety in mind is of utmost importance. Be it any city, metropolis or otherwise, some basic precautions must be taken to ensure that the night does not turn out disastrous.

A list of 7 essential must-dos before you head out for the night:

1. Contacts: It is imperative to have the following pan-India emergency numbers on speed dial-

- Police: 100
- Medical: 102
- Accident helpline: 1099
- Women’s helpline: 181, 1091

Along with this, the information pertaining to your emergency contacts, family members, your hotel/hostel/guesthouse should be easily available to you. Additionally, the boarding place you put up at should also have your contact information. Share these details with the friends you are planning to go out with.

2. Get the lay of the land: Make Google Maps your best friend while visiting another city. Being aware of the geographical layout of the area will reduce stress levels when you have to come back after a happy and fun night out with your friends. There is no information which is not available online. Read books, blogs to review the places you are planning to go to and then select the one which checks all the safety boxes.

3. Calorie up: Understand and respect your body's needs and limits. There are tons of ways to avoid the dreaded hangover the next morning. Stay hydrated, eat carbohydrates and proteins which will absorb the impact of drinking all night. Sometimes the bodily reactions can be varied and can cause excessive discomfort. The easiest way to prevent this is to bulk up with bread!

4. Do your research: Learning a few basic important phrases and questions in the local language can go a long way to ensure that you do not get lost wandering around in a new city. The list could include - food, bathroom, taxi, go, stop, how much, where are you going, where’s the closest metro station, use the meter. Figure out the kind of attire you can wear to different parts of the city.

5. Have contingency plans in place: Prevention and precautions are better than the cure. Carry loose cash and change. Select your mode of transport carefully based on your knowledge of the new city, carry identification proof. Once you are at the location, stick to your friends like glue. Along with this, do not leave your drink unattended or accept drinks from strangers. 

6. Do not pick a fight: We all know alcohol bolsters confidence to get confrontational and aggressive. It does not bode to get into such unnecessary situations. Not only will it spoil your mood, such incidents often escalate into a situation which becomes difficult to manage. 

7. Keep your belongings safe: All valuables should be kept under careful scrutiny. This would include your wallet, mobile phones, and jewellery. While leaving for the night, stick to the well-lit areas where CCTV cameras have been installed at regular intervals. It is the easiest way to avoid events like snatching of valuables and unprovoked attacks.

No city in India is going to guarantee 100% safety. However, it is up to you to take the necessary steps to drink responsibly. Exploring a new city along with its popular hubs is the most enjoyable attraction. Add to this your group of friends who are ready to paint the town red and you have the perfect night-out drinking scene. Keep your wits about you and enjoy your memorable outings! Check out these 5 easy self-defence moves that every woman must know

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