Now that women are embracing solo travel, here are some places that'll live up to their expectations of cost, safety and facilities.

5 Destinations that every solo woman traveller must explore

Women are increasingly becoming independent as they successfully strive hard to break centuries-old shackles of patriarchy. When it comes to travelling too, women no longer depend on their husbands or families to explore new places. There are many who enjoy travelling alone. Moreover, there are several destinations that are safe and ideal for women who want to travel solo. For example, Portugal, Italy, Australia, New Zealand, and Spain have been rated as some of the safest places for women travellers.

Here are some wonderful places that you can explore today.

1. Bhutan
Did you know that Bhutan is known for its Gross National Happiness? This small country is loving, verdant and exhilarating, and its rich Buddhist culture makes it rather peaceful. The landscape is mesmerising, courtesy of the beautiful Himalayas in whose lap Bhutan is situated. It is the perfect destination if you love trekking and adventure sports, cultural museums or simply visiting the many peaceful monasteries.

Facts to know


Women are treated with the highest respect here. The people are peaceful, and you don’t have to worry about safety when travelling. As far as expenses are concerned, a trip here is quite affordable if you plan smart.

2. Rome (Italy)
Rome offers you a heady mix of trendy fashion, delicious food and stunning architecture and fountains. See the magnanimous Colosseum in all its glory, the Vatican City which houses the Pope, Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Pantheon. The piazzas and cobbled lanes are perfect for walks and soaking in centuries-old history.

Facts to know

A little on the expensive side, Rome is perfect if you want to indulge. But it is not impossible if you book early. Plan your finances in advance so that you don’t have to compromise on the experience. It is a rich part of European history, so make sure to carry a travelogue and camera.

3. Thailand
Thailand offers one of the cheapest foreign getaways, which is why many prefer heading here. This 
beachy destination is always full of travellers, so safety as a solo traveller is simply not a worry. While Krabi can give you something slow and relaxed, Bangkok and Pattaya offer adventures galore. However, Chiang Mai, the ‘rose of the north’, in north Thailand offers picturesque views and is safer and quieter than Bangkok and Pattaya.

Facts to know

In terms of costs, Thailand is an extremely budget-friendly destination. Flights, food and accommodation are easy on the pocket if you plan your travel smartly. To be on the safer side, however, avoid visiting the back lanes and beaches at night. The language could be a tiny barrier too.

4. Bali
Another Asian spot, Bali is full of beautiful beaches and temples. Popular for its adventure sports and rich Balinese culture, it attracts tourists from all over. And even as a lone traveller, you will find the place teeming with tourists.

Facts to know

Bali, in fact, features on the top in places to travel alone. The people are friendly and polite, and it is quite affordable, both, in terms of food and accommodation. Backpacking trips are also very popular.

5. Melbourne (Australia)
Australia is another favourite spot for women travellers, with Melbourne being one of the most preferred cities. From theatres to parks, gardens to galleries and tons of shopping, it’s no wonder Melbourne is called Australia’s cultural capital.

Facts to know

Like many international destinations, Melbourne is a little expensive on the pocket. But it offers great food, and the sights are simply wonderful. A carefree attitude and friendly locals is what you can expect here.


So, which of these beautiful places would you pick for your solo sojourn? Whatever your choice, it is important to protect yourself, and not just physically. Get a travel insurance plan before you head to any of these places. Travelling is often fraught with contingencies, and a backup plan becomes even more important when travelling alone.

A travel insurance plan can cover you for loss of baggage and passport, medical emergencies, personal accident, etc. As such, the plan provides you with a financial back-up in case you face a problem. So, take your pick of a destination and let your hair down, but don’t leave home without the right cover.