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Youth Innovation Challenge- Session 1

The finalists of the Youth Innovation Challenge had their first experiential session at The Magic Bus Centre, Karjat on 4th and 5th August, 2018. The day began with breakfast followed by an ice-breaker session by Nachiket Joshi- the Manager of Centre Programmes at Magic Bus Centre. Due the ice-breakers, he introduced the participants to the […]


5 Simple Things to Know About Maternity Insurance in India

A steep rise in maternity expenses over the years is forcing couples to look for options to fund this expense. Those buying maternity policies should understand the terms of these policies.


Engaging Men and Boys to Achieve Gender Equality

On Friday, 24th August, The Gender Lab @TheGenderLab conducted a tweetchat on the importance of involving and engaging men and boys to achieve gender equality. The chat began by first asking the audience to share their understanding of Toxic Masculinity and instances from their lives when they were affected by it. Many of them shared their experiences […]


Working the night shift? Ensure your safety with these tips

Don’t hold back from working night shifts. Here are some tips to ensure your safety.


Laws that changed the course of women in India

Today, women are fighting hard and doing their best to win the gender war. And a lot of that has to do with the laws that are helping protect their rights.


How is your city affecting your health?

On Friday 29th June, 2018, Prathima Manohar @prathimanohar conducted a tweetchat on how our cities are affecting our health. Joining the chat were panelists- 1)  Arjun Rathi , Architect @arjun_rathi 2) Aditi N  Pathak , Placemaking Head & Director at The Urban Vision @AditiNPthk 3) Dr. Ajay Nair , Doctor & Founder of MeraDoctor  @ajayn […]


Be Your Own Superhero

This campaign is to celebrate your story. It’s to celebrate the countless stories that collectively give us hope to #RiseTogether and fight against injustice. Here are some of the real superheroes in the world!  Superhero Ketaki Tarde writes, “This happened around two months ago. I got down at Dadar station and felt someone following me. I turned […]


5 Easy self-defence moves every woman must know

If you ever find yourself in an alarming situation, use these tactics and fight back for self-defence


Gram Sabha in Biddupur, Bihar

A Gram Sabha was organised by Safecity and its partner organisation Nirman in Biddupur, Vaishali District, Bihar on 26th May, 2018. Priyanka Kumari- the Protection Officer,  and Kartik- the Counsellor at Women Helpline Number, Women Development Corporation, Dept. Of Social Welfare, Govt. Of Bihar were our chief guests. We also had members of the Zilla Parishad […]


Teaching little girls about ‘Safe-Unsafe’ touch in Patna

Naina Jha conducted a workshop creating awareness about Child Sexual Abuse for 40 junior class girls of St.Louis School in Patna on 24th July 2018. She began the workshop by talking about touch and the different types of touches. She asked the girls what they understood about types of touch. She came to find that […]


How I did it

Rahila Khan

I am a single mother of one. I lost my husband just 5 years into my marriage. Life has been a struggle for me, but I have managed it and today I have no complaints. 

I was a young widow with a 3 year old son when my husband passed away due to a heart attack. My parents were my rock… Read more

Piya Sharma
Chartered Accountant

I am a CA by profession. As my training has taught me, investing is a big part of my financial strategy. I am slightly risk-averse and invest heavily in mutual funds, FDs and ULIPs. I stay away from the stock market. 

As the household expenses are taken care of by my husband, I use most… Read more

Rajesh Singh
Corporate Executive

Growing up I did not have much other than the bare necessities. Though my mom tried her best, she could not fulfil our wishes. I always knew I had to study and improve my life. Today, I own a bike, a car and my own humble house. This has only been possible because of my prudent wife.

We… Read more

Suraj Chandwani
Gas Station Owner

I like to work hard and live a good life. I want to give the best to my wife and son, as well as my parents who live with us. I own a gas station in the suburbs of Mumbai. I had taken a loan to set up my business. So a major chunk of my earnings goes in repaying the loan. I also have a car loan… Read more