Are you missing out on creating special memories with your family or friends? Here are some tips for you to maintain an ideal work-life balance.

A working woman's guide to maintaining work-life balance

The number of Indian women choosing to work has been steadily increasing. However, while women are out there trying to conquer the world, taking care of their household and family never ceases to be a priority. And given the fact that they have larger roles in handling household and family responsibilities, maintaining a perfect work-life balance becomes a challenge for almost every one of them.

With a few changes, maintaining a work-life balance won’t be impossible for a working woman. Don’t believe it? Here are some tips for you:


1. Keep the mornings light


This tip aims to help you avoid rush through your mornings. Your morning time seems difficult right now because you don’t plan anything. If you spend a little time the night before and plan out a couple of things, you’ll be surprised at the amount of free time you’ll have in the morning.

So, always prepare and plan the following things the previous night:

  • Pack your bag (including the important things like files, laptop etc.)  
  • Pick out the clothes you're going to wear the next day
  • If you have kids, make sure their bags are packed and uniforms are ironed
  • Plan out the meals – breakfast, lunch, dinner and try to finish the basic preparation like chopping vegetables

This way you’ll be left with some time to eat breakfast with your kids or have a cup of tea with your partner.

2. Create a family calendar

A family calendar includes all family members’ tasks for the day and family activities. This calendar helps you divide the labour, for example, a family member who has more time on hand can do the laundry for that day. This calendar also ensures that you get to spend some quality time with your family – playing a game of chess, watching your favourite show after dinner, taking a trip to the park with your kids etc.

3. Ask for help

There’s nothing wrong with acknowledging the fact that you can’t handle everything on your own and that you need someone’s help. So, ask your parents or kids to help you with some daily chores like cooking, cleaning, etc. When it comes to handling your household expenses, you can take help of your partner to pay some bills and keep track of budgets. Divide the tasks among your family members so that you don't dread coming home after a long day of work.

4. Communicate with your employer

It is good to keep the communication lines open with your superiors and employer. If you find it difficult you handle work and home, they can help you out by keeping your work hours flexible. This way you can come to office with a relaxed and fresh mind after taking care of all household matters. If you have kids, you might be able to drop them off at school and then go to work.

5. Get some family time

Spending quality time with your family is of utmost importance. Start by having at least one meal together every day. Plan a short weekend getaway with your friends. If you have kids, try taking part in activities with them – exercising, going for a picnic, taking a museum tour etc.

6. Indulge in some hobbies

Take that dance class you always wanted to but never did because of lack of time and energy. After hours of working, it is very important to unwind with reading, exercising, painting, etc. These activities will also help you maintain your productivity at work. So, make sure you take some time out for yourself at least once every week.


No matter what changes you decide to make in your routine, remember to start small. If you try to do everything at once, you will burn out faster than the time it took for you to schedule everything. So, go ahead and get that work-life balance you always wished you had.

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