Love & Money

About the eBook: 

Noticing the polarizing effects finances can have on the most committed of couples, we take the complexity out of it by laying down some ground rules. Part one is a fun take on love and money, while part two addresses the more pressing concerns of couples by offering advice on making finances a delight, rather than a drain, on your relationship. As a bonus, part three features ideas to spark conversation and candid talk from couples on love and money.


  1. About this e-book
  2. Love & Money: The interconnection
  • How you’ll get your love if you have money & vice-versa?
  • Financial Harmony
  • What your major expenses should be?
  • Starting the money conversation with your mate
  1. How spouses run out of sync about money?
    • When she makes more money- How to deal with the insecurity?
    • How to keep husbands happy if you make more money?
    • Common money problems among couples
    • Financial infidelity: What’s that & how to stop it?
    • Uncommonly smart financial solutions
  2. Couples get cozy over finance
    • How wives’ earning power can change everything positively?
    • Getting richer together
    • Seeing financial goals as one
    • Building a collective financial portfolio- Asset Allocation and diversification
  3. Conclusion and Analysis

How I did it

Corporate Executive

Invest wisely and invest early, to make sure that you live tension free in your later life. I am working towards it, or at least that’s what I hope. I managed to save a small portion of my earning even when I was earning very little like an early jobber. I still have those low-risk… Read more


Credit cards are your friend, but only if you use them wisely. If you start spending over and above your means, you fall into the dreaded credit trap, where you earn only to pay off your previous month’s dues. And end up using credit to meet the current month’s expenses. I am reasonably… Read more

Sales Manager

As a newly married person, I wanted only the best for my household. So when we started getting our new life decorated with things that every household requires, we splashed the cash generously. This was over and above the lavish wedding that we had spent for earlier on. Most of it was our own… Read more

Financial Specialist

I had started working four years ago. I would like to believe that I am still in that age bracket where people earn to spend and not necessarily save. However, there have been occasions where I have genuinely regretted spending on something and often pondered what would have become of the money… Read more