Love & Money

About the eBook: 

Noticing the polarizing effects finances can have on the most committed of couples, we take the complexity out of it by laying down some ground rules. Part one is a fun take on love and money, while part two addresses the more pressing concerns of couples by offering advice on making finances a delight, rather than a drain, on your relationship. As a bonus, part three features ideas to spark conversation and candid talk from couples on love and money.


  1. About this e-book
  2. Love & Money: The interconnection
  • How you’ll get your love if you have money & vice-versa?
  • Financial Harmony
  • What your major expenses should be?
  • Starting the money conversation with your mate
  1. How spouses run out of sync about money?
    • When she makes more money- How to deal with the insecurity?
    • How to keep husbands happy if you make more money?
    • Common money problems among couples
    • Financial infidelity: What’s that & how to stop it?
    • Uncommonly smart financial solutions
  2. Couples get cozy over finance
    • How wives’ earning power can change everything positively?
    • Getting richer together
    • Seeing financial goals as one
    • Building a collective financial portfolio- Asset Allocation and diversification
  3. Conclusion and Analysis

How I did it

Praveen Nair

Ever since I retired, I have looked forward to the festive season with added zeal. It is the buzz that I need once in a year in my laidback post-retirement life. I like to celebrate the occasion, get the house painted or renovated, buy gifts for my dear ones or go on a vacation. These things… Read more

Swati Mehra

A couple of years ago I was over the moon after landing my first job. I celebrated regally during the festive season that ensued, only to land in a financial soup for the next few months. With gargantuan credit card bills and barely any cash left, I had no other option but to default the payment… Read more

Rohansh Pathak

It is highly unlikely that all the expenses made during the festive season were worth making in the first place. This is the time of the year when unavoidable expenses are bound to upset your budget plans, and you can do little about it. However, I have made it a point to have a look at the… Read more

Rahila Khan

I am a single mother of one. I lost my husband just 5 years into my marriage. Life has been a struggle for me, but I have managed it and today I have no complaints. 

I was a young widow with a 3 year old son when my husband passed away due to a heart attack. My parents were my rock… Read more