Want to have a perfect honeymoon without breaking the bank? These tips can make it possible!

7 Ways to go over the moon on a honeymoon

A honeymoon is like no other vacation. It is time to grow closer to your partner, be intimate, and begin your beautiful life together. It definitely has to be perfect. But perfect does not mean expensive. 

Couples spending Rs 3-6 lakh on their honeymoon is not unheard of. This is a lot, considering they have just spent a fortune on their wedding. Starting your lives together with that kind of expense may not be a financially sound decision for many.

So how can you have the best of both worlds and go on a dream honeymoon without the expenditure? These seven tips will help you plan the perfect honeymoon filled with thrill and romance while on a budget:

1. Plan: Booking air tickets way in advance is a great way to save money on your honeymoon. Download the Skyscanner app to keep a lookout for cheap airfares. Flights that take off mid-week, especially Wednesdays, tend to be less expensive than other days. While booking your stay, do a combination of budget hotels and luxury stays. A couple of nights in a romantic boutique resort will add glamour to your honeymoon. If you can, book non-refundable hotel rooms/villas as they are at almost 50% discount.

2. Choose an offbeat location: Everyone goes to Maldives or Mauritius. How about choosing Seychelles? It has the same breathtaking beaches, pristine blue waters, and romantic starry nights – all at a fraction of the cost. Honeymoon destinations are always overpriced. Be original and pick a destination that speaks to you both. If you both like hiking, nothing stops you from going to an unconventional mountain range. Choose a place that makes you both happy and will help make beautiful memories. 

3. Take a travel agent’s help: This may sound old-school, but travel agents really are helpful when you want to save money. They can get you the right discounts in your air travel, stay, local tourism, and attractions. They have years of travel experience and can guide you along the way. It is also easier and stress-free to work with a travel agent. Tell them what your priorities are and let them plan your trip. You can focus on enjoying your honeymoon rather than worrying about the finer details.

4. Make a honeymoon registry: While the trend of a wedding registry is now catching on in India, be different and make a honeymoon registry instead. A honeymoon registry is exactly what it sounds like. Make a detailed plan of the honeymoon and all the associated expenses. You can then ask your friends and family to gift you the air tickets, stay at a luxury resort, a couple’s massage, a day cruise, etc. With a registry, you can have most of your honeymoon sponsored.

5. Focus on things you enjoy doing: Make your honeymoon more about doing things you both enjoy than merely ticking off the boxes. If you enjoy walking on the beach, trekking up a hill, or hiring a car for road-tripping, do it. Don’t overcrowd your days with activities that every other couple does. Ditch the island hopping or scuba diving if it is not your scene. This will make the trip meaningful and memorable without burning a hole in your pockets.

6. Go during the off-season: Rules say you should take off for your honeymoon right after the wedding, but rules are meant to be broken. Travelling during the off-season can help you save some serious money. Everything from cab rides to meals to accommodation is much cheaper at this time. It would also mean that the place will be less crowded, allowing you to relax and soak in the experience.

7. Use the honeymoon card: Be unabashed about the fact you are on your honeymoon. People in the hospitality sector are more than happy to go the extra mile to make your experience beautiful. You can get free champagne or, if you are lucky, you can get complimentary upgrades without directly asking for it. Freebies never really hurt anyone. Don’t be shy to try your luck.

Your honeymoon is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can make it your dream trip by using these tips and save money along the way. Relax, celebrate, and have the time of your life!


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