Here are some suggestions on how you can nurture a beautiful friendship in the midst of a busy working life.

Worklife Balance
Women, by their innate nature, embody commitment, stability, and bonding. It is natural for them to make friends – lots of them – and make efforts to nurture the friendships. Having said that, nurturing a friendship, just as with any other relationship, needs time and effort.
Given the paucity of time, especially when one has a busy work life, makes it difficult to sustain friendships effectively. However, it is not the number of hours you spend with someone that counts; what matters is the quality of time you spend with that special someone.
To rebuild ties, begin by acknowledging the fact that you do need your friends. Take a step forward, look beyond social networking memes, and resolve to do something you like that also involves your friends. Here’s our list of suggestions:
Vacation time
Vacationing together is a great idea to renew friendships once in a while. An all-girls trip is not a far-fetched idea. It is very doable and allows you to catch up and spend time with a company you really enjoy. Do the budget carefully. There are many affordable destinations, but a quiet place would really give you the mental and physical space to spend time listening to one another.
One of you will have to take the financial responsibility for the trip. It will involve searching for the best place to stay, which should suit each member’s personal budget and interest. One way to go about this is to browse online travel portals that offer seasonal discounts and off-season airfare. A package deal will work out cheaper. Do your planning and booking in advance.
Movie night at home
Bonding over movies is a great way to destress from life and mingle socially. Choose a light-hearted movie and plan an all-girls night at home. Watching old movies together can help you reminisce over cherished childhood memories. Catching it on the web not only affords a wider choice but also spares you the hassle of stepping out of home. It also means you can binge on homemade snacks instead of splurging on overpriced popcorn.
Baby’s day out
Shopping is an enjoyable activity for most women. Once in a while, why don’t you rope in your friends? Make it a family affair by taking kids along and engage them in playful activities. While shopping, watch out for discounts and offers. You can register with your favourite retail outlet or brand – by becoming a member, you are not just entitled to special discounts but also privileges such as sneak previews of upcoming sales.
Stand-up comedy
There’s no better way to bond than by laughing together. Many clubs in town organise stand-up comedy shows, and they aren’t all that expensive either. Tickets can be booked on the internet; there are even mobile apps for this very purpose. This is a great way to spend time in the company of your friends – and who knows; perhaps one of you might even find a part-time calling as a stand-up comedian!
Social events
Social gatherings or special events are perfect opportunities to catch up with old friends – and make new ones. Don’t make the mistake of assuming one can have only one or two besties. It’s good to spread the love and meet new people to be friends with. After all, few pleasures can match an animated conversation over a cup of coffee.
There are other benefits too. Suppose you meet an old friend at a financial planning event. You can discuss your personal experiences and perspectives on important financial matters, such as filing taxes on time, investment options, retirement planning, maintaining a work-life balance, etc. And exchange tips that encourage each other to lead more fulfilling lives.
To sum up
Deep and meaningful friendships can help us detox and destress, especially when we are busy juggling responsibilities at work and home. Don’t you feel like hanging out with your bestie after a long tiring week? We all do. Except that we realise our friendship ties have languished and we haven’t met many of our friends for a very long time.
Losing touch with an old friend can cause a void and leave a feeling of loneliness in an otherwise content life. So make an effort to reach out now!