Are you impulsive, materialistic, frugal or practical when it comes to money? Find out!

What does your zodiac sign say about your money habits?

People turn to astrology to gain insights about various aspects of their lives. These include work prospects, romance, interpersonal relationships, etc. Each of the 12 zodiac signs gives an insight into the person’s personality and how they deal with people and events. Money habits are no different. Here’s how each zodiac innately approaches their finances.


People born under this fire sign are known to be confident go-getters. Their risk-taking attitude has an equal chance of succeeding or failing, but there is no middle ground with Arians.  They are known to be impulsive with their spending, but can really achieve their financial milestones if they put their head into it.


Taureans usually have a steady nature and are good with their finances. The natural steadfastness is a great motivator to plan and save for retirement. Their only weakness is they tend to be materialistic sometimes and can get swayed by the good life. There is no harm in indulging a bit as long as you do it within your means.

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The twin-sided nature of Geminis makes them a bit unpredictable. This trait can extend to their financial decision making, as well. On the one hand, they can be judicious with money, while on the other, they could fall prey to impulse decisions. Geminis need to create a small leisure fund and stick to it. This will ensure that larger financial goals don’t get affected.


Cancerians prioritise home and family above all. This makes them especially good at saving and providing for their families. They rarely spend on luxuries, and even if they do, it will be on things that bring them closer to their family and friends.


With innate leadership skills, making money is not difficult for Leos. However, like the king of the jungle, they do have a taste for luxury. If they are not careful, the extravagant lifestyle could eat into their savings. Leos also tend to be fiercely loyal and generous with friends and family. They have to be careful about not letting their generosity undermine their own financial situation.


If there is one zodiac that could follow a financial plan to the T, it is Virgos. Hard-working and with a practical mindset, Virgos don’t let anything waiver them from their financial milestones. The only drawback is that Virgos don’t ever let loose or enjoy the fruits of their labour.

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Libras can balance it out well. While they can be prudent about savings, they also know how to have fun. Before any financial decision, Libras will take their time to make a responsible and informed choice. Sometimes this can be too overwhelming, leading to indecisiveness.


Scorpios tend to be intense, competitive and focused, making them really good at managing money. They are conservative with their financial decisions, yet bold and decisive. Their intense focus can sometimes get all-consuming. Scorpios need to ensure that working towards financial security doesn’t veer them towards an obsession with money.


Sagittarians value experiences over things. It’s not money or luxury, but wanderlust that they seek. Sagittarians are not the ones to proactively save money but tend to have an optimistic outlook despite hardships. They definitely possess the ability and determination to reach their financial goals. All they need is a push in the right direction.


Capricorns are a result-oriented lot. They are disciplined with their money and investments and will work methodically and patiently towards their financial goals. However, their frugality could stretch a bit too far to the point of being miserly. Finding a balance is key.

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Aquarians tend to be creative and unpredictable, yet steady and good decision-makers. They look to balance things out in life, and finances are no different. They save as much as they need to while enjoying their earnings too. Aquarians look to make the world a better place for everyone and will not shy away from financially assisting the needy.


Pisceans are dreamy and emotional creatures. They have all the ingredients to be successful in whatever they do. However, money matters don’t particularly interest them. They tend to take each day as it comes, which is not the best way to handle finances.

Are your money habits linked to your zodiac?

Along with this, take a look at the different kind of money habits women should have at different ages to understand how money management requirements change with age. 


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