Quit your full-time job to care for your baby? That's no reason to stop earning. See how new supermoms earn without a full-time job.

A new mom's guide to earning an income without a full-time job
Ask a lot of mothers, and they'll tell you it's the best job in the world. You create a tiny human being and have the ability and honour to shape and mould them as they grow. Of course, it can be quite a tough job and involves a lot of responsibility, which is why many new mothers choose to quit their jobs and focus on taking care of their babies. While the mandatory maternity leave that companies offer does help, many decide to discontinue their jobs as it takes time and energy to look after a newborn, along with taking care of their health.
Are you one such new mom? Well, the loss of an income source is bound to affect your finances and future. But there are ways to help you comfortably earn an income without a full-time job while caring for your baby.
1. Translation

Knowing two or more languages not only helps you interact better with different people but also makes for a good source of income. People need translators to translate vernacular languages into English so that their books, videos etc. can reach a broader audience.
Being bilingual or trilingual becomes a bigger advantage if you can speak, read and write in foreign languages. Many authors, scholars and even Multinational Companies (MNCs) need people to translate documents written in German, French, Chinese etc.
How to start – You can join various translator groups on social networks like Facebook and LinkedIn. Keep track of all the posts that talk about a requirement for translators, and register on relevant websites to ensure you don't miss out on any opportunities.    
2. Consulting
Yes, people do pay for your advice. Many small and large companies are always on the lookout for consultants – those who can analyse their performance, suggest better strategies and bring their expertise to the table. So, if your previous job has made you an expert in a particular field, you can choose to consult from your home.
Some career fields like management and finance may have a higher requirement for consultants and offer good remuneration options.
How to start – Use your contacts – ex-colleagues, relatives, friends – to approach companies who need consultants. You can also ask them to refer you to someone.
Earning options from Home for New Moms


3. Freelance Writer
You've probably read a lot of content put up by publishers on social media. Who do you think writes it? A brand might not always have the time and resources to create its own content. Today, writing different kinds of content has become a popular way of earning an income.
If you can write grammatically correct and engaging content, this option is tailor-made for you. It can also require research work, so if you have expertise in a particular topic – technology, finance, education – people would be more eager to employ you. What’s more, it will also keep your creative juices flowing.
How to start – Register yourself on job sites and content writing websites, or join writer groups on social networks. Add 'content writing' to your work profile so that anyone looking for a freelance writer can find you. It is also a good idea to use your contacts to get references.     
4. Tutoring
Have a passion for teaching? If yes, you can help kids with their studies. What’s more? You can tutor your students at home and will not even have to leave your baby or house to earn an income. An advantage here would be having some experience in the field of education.
You can start with a cost per subject and gradually increase it as and when you gain confidence.   
How to start – Choose which subject or subjects you want to teach. Talk to the parents in your society and ask them whether they are looking for someone to tutor their kids, or to spread the word.
5. Selling items online
Here’s a way to earn through your passion for art and crafts. If you know how to sew, you can even make quirky bags, wallets and clothes.
Start small, but ensure that you create and keep a good number of the product(s) ready so that you can deliver as soon as you receive an order. Most online selling portals would pay you within five to seven days after your product has been delivered.
How to start – Set prices for your products, and register for a small or large online seller portal like Amazon or eBay. The portal will charge you a minimal fee to host your products.
Irrespective of what you choose to do, these options allow you to have flexible working hours and workload. The trick here is to spare a few hours each day and set your work schedule accordingly. It might not always be easy, but it will help you earn a little money and bring a much-needed balance to your life.


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